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Jun.25, 2010 9:35AM BJT



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Expo lures 1m foreign visitors, and counting

A Count of tour groups shows that at least 1.07 million foreigners had visited the World Expo since it opened on May 1, the head of the Expo bureau said Wednesday.

Royal palace of Tang Dynasty shown at Expo

The Daming Palace of Lintong in Northwest China´s Shaanxi province was once home to the royal family during the Tang Dynasty over 1300 years ago. Since the 1950s, measures have been taken to protect the Daming Palace site.

Canada celebrates Pavilion Day

Red maples, Niagara Falls, and Dr. Norman Bethune, these are the notable names linked to the country of Canada. On Thursday morning, Canada is celebrating its National Pavilion Day inside the World Expo park in Shanghai. Let´s get in touch with the vibe.

Huju opera ode to Expo

An Expo-themed Huju opera hit the stage of Yi Fu Theatre on Monday. Let´s hear more about "Pastoral Dreams."