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Hamas rejects suggestion of cease-fire from PLO

The PLO declared a unilateral 24-hour humanitarian Gaza cease fire that would have been respected by all Palestinian factions and hopefully by Israel, but Hamas rejected it.

Africa Ebola outbreak: WHO reports 672 deaths

Health workers have identified the disease only in Africa, where it has caused an estimated 672 deaths ´across a wide swath of West Africa.´

Beijing Muslims gather to celebrate end of Ramadan

Monday marks the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Like other Muslims across the world, those in the country´s capital are celebrating the Eid al-Fitr, breaking the Ramadan fast.

China releases details of financial status of SOEs for 1st time

The Ministry of Finance has released financial statements for the country´s 155 state-owned enterprises. The 2013 report is the first document to publicly detail the financial accounts of the country´s SOEs.

  • HK reports 1 suspected Ebola case

  • Hukou reforms to narrow gap between urban, rural residents

  • Thousands of civilians killed in Gaza conflict

  • Ukraine gov´t troops push to retake MH17 crash site

  • China calls for immediate ceasefire in Gaza

  • Diplomatic efforts made to seal a ceasefire proposal on Gaza conflict

  • EU members differ on Russia sanction

  • Hot money flows into Chinese A share market

  • China´s star writers battle it out on the big screen

  • Muslims in China celebrate end of Ramadan

  • 18-year-old Lily Zhang seeks success in Nanjing

  • Report: Spurs to open new season vs LeBron


Crosover: Shinzo Abe trying to boost ties with ASEAN countries

For more, we now cross live to our reporter Wei Huanqing in Hanoi and Terrence Terashima in Tokyo.

Interview: Consumer confidence index in US

Interview: Consumer confidence index in US

Interview: UK fracking decision

Interview: UK fracking decision

Studio interview: Release of SOEs financial details important part of reform

Now for more in depth analysis, we are joined in the studio by Mr. Zhang Jianping, a researcher at the Institute for International Economic Research of the National Development and Reform Commission.

Crossover: Top US diplomatic defending himself from Israeli criticism

CCTV´s Jessica Stone is live at the White House now with more.

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