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China opposes inclusion of islands in US-Japan treaty

The Diaoyu Islands are at the heart of a territorial dispute between China and Japan. China has voiced its firm opposition to the inclusion of the islands in the US-Japan security treaty. This comes in response to remarks made by US President Barack Obama in an interview with the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper ahead of his visit to Japan.

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Xi congratulates Algeria´s Bouteflika on re-election

Chinese President Xi Jinping congratulated Abdelaziz Bouteflika Saturday on being re-elected president of Algeria.

Chinese premier stresses protection of local chronicles

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Saturday stressed better compilation and protection of local chronicles nationwide.

50 dead, 174 rescued, 252 still missing from S. Korea´s sunken ferry

The death toll of South Korea´s sunken ferry has risen by 14 to 50, with those missing falling to 252.

Japanese official worships notorious Yasukuni Shrine

Chairman of Japan´s National Public Safety Commission Keiji Furuya on Sunday visited notorious war- linked Yasukuni Shrine ahead of the shrine´s spring festival from Monday to Wednesday, local media reported.

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Studio interview: Impact of Obama´s Diaoyu Islands stance on China-US ties

For more on the issue, we’re joined in the studio by Professor Wang Yiwei, director of the Institute of International Affairs at Renmin University of China.

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