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China to loan $4 bln to Venezuela in exchange for oil

Chinese President Xi oversaw the signing of dozens of cooperative agreements with Venezuela. One of the deals includes a $4 billion loan from China, to support the Joint Chinese-Venezuela Fund, which will finance infrastructure and economic development across the South American country.

Water project directs more supply to capital

A large scale water transfer project slated to be completed by October this year is set to alleviate some of Beijing´s water shortages.

Air carriers suspend flights to Israel

When U.S. and European airlines quickly canceled flights to Israel Tuesday, they showed both a skittishness and a new sense of urgency in dealing with global trouble spots following last week´s downing of a passenger plane over Ukraine.

Prince George´s 1st birthday party recreated from Legos

To celebrate Prince George´s first birthday, Legoland Windsor has created a special party scene outside its Buckingham Palace model.

  • Aircraft´s black boxes to be sent to UK for analysis

  • Palestine´s Fatah proposes truce deal to Egypt

  • China to expand investment in Cuba

  • Xiaomi unveils Mi 4, wearable device and MIUI 6

  • Cats fans lap up feline film festival

  • Weird Al wowed by album´s success

  • James Rodriguez joins Real Madrid for six seasons for reported 80 million euros

  • Dunga returns as Brazil coach

  • Rafael Nadal tries hand at poker

  • Rodriguez to be signed by Real for 80 mln euros

  • 45 years since man first walked on moon

  • World’s largest telescope begins installation of main cable net


Studio interview: Flights canceled to Israel´s main airport

Larry Korb,security expert

Studio interview: China focusing on direct investment in Cuba

For more insight, joining us now in the studio is Mr. Zhou Jingxing, former counsellor of China´s Embassy in the US.

Studio interview: China, Cuba have enjoyed high-level political relations

For more insight on Xi Jinping´s Latin American tour, we are joined by Mr. Kuang Weilin, former Minister Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy to the US.

Crossover: Indonesia set to announce election result Tuesday

CCTV´s correspondent Andy Saputra now joins us live from Jakarta for the latest.

Studio interview: Saving children in Gaza conflict zones

Sarah Crowe,UNICEF

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