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  • Sansha builds first school

  • Farmers in Shandong build robots out of used car parts

  • President Xi holds talks with Cuba Raul Castro

  • Taiwan closes schools ahead of storm

  • Girl in Chongqing takes 88-year-old grandma to work everyday

  • Water project directs more supply to capital

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TransAsia Airways: 48 confirmed dead, 10 injured on board

TransAsia Airways says in a statement that forty-eight people have been confirmed dead and 10 injured in Wednesday’s tragedy.

29 new agreements signed during President Xi´s visit to Cuba

At the top of the program, we continue our coverage of President Xi Jinping’s visit to Cuba.

China donates technical, medical equipment to Serbia

Chinese and Serbian defense ministries Wednesday signed a protocol by which China agreed to donate technical and medical equipment worth 355,000 euros (about 479,250 U.S. dollars) as a way of assistance after heavy floods hit the country mid-May.

China braces for Typhoon Matmo

Coastal Chinese regions are bracing for typhoon Matmo as the 10th typhoon to affect the country this year made landfall in Fujian Province on Wednesday afternoon.

Chinese, Cuban leaders pledge staunch friendship, reciprocal cooperation

Visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping and Cuban leader Raul Castro pledged here Tuesday that the two countries will be long-term, staunch friends and partners to seek reciprocal cooperation.

China to loan $4 bln to Venezuela in exchange for oil

Chinese President Xi oversaw the signing of dozens of cooperative agreements with Venezuela. One of the deals includes a $4 billion loan from China, to support the Joint Chinese-Venezuela Fund, which will finance infrastructure and economic development across the South American country.