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  • PLA to begin drill in SE China

  • Studio interview: China´s social inequality report

  • Timeline of China´s home purchase restrictions

  • 866 ´naked officials´ removed from posts in Guangdong prov.

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China strengthens environment watch in auditing of officials´ economic performance

Chinese authorities will focus on environmental protection, sci-tech innovation and improvement of people´s livelihood when evaluating the performance of officials in fulfilling their economic responsibilities, a circular published on Sunday said.

Taiwan finishes identifying victims of crashed flight

The bodies of 48 victims of Taiwan´s crashed TransAsia flight GE 222 have all been identified, according to the the island´s aviation safety council on Sunday.

866 ´naked officials´ removed from posts in Guangdong prov.

Authorities in Guangdong province say they have removed hundreds of government workers from their posts, as part of a crackdown on so-called ´naked officials´--a term used to describe public employees who are suspected of storing money gained from graft with family members living abroad.

Top 1% owns over a third of China´s wealth

Peking University has released a report on China´s livelihood development. It details the massive breadth of China´s social inequality, which has become a widespread source of anger in the country.

Passengers face wave of delays and cancellations due to summer storms in east and central China

The recent wave of summer storms has left many passengers stranded at airports and railway stations.

Bride-to-be dies after taking weight loss drugs bought online

Many dream of being thin. And some have turned to weight-loss drugs found online to achieve this goal. A string of recent incidents in China has revealed the dangers of products that promise instant results.