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China Culture News

British Museum to stage major Ming Dynasty exhibition

London's most well-known cultural institutions have come together in a new initiative to promote the UK capital's autumn season. One of the highlights among a collection of blockbuster exhibitions and events is a major exhibition covering China’s Ming Dynasty reign at the British Museum.

Outdoor concert held inside Youth Olympic Village

The Youth Olympic Games is well underway in Nanjing. During the day-time, the Youth Olympic Village is a place of fierce competition, but during the night it's where athletes from around the world have a chance to relax and enjoy Chinese culture.

Coffee drinking finds a home in the land of tea

The land of tea, has slowly but steadily welcomed a new brew---coffee. Drinking coffee is quickly becoming popular with Chinese consumers.

'Roaring Currents' becomes biggest film of all time

A film depicting a famous 16th century naval victory against Japanese invaders has set records at the South Korean box office.

The power of the internet and youngsters' online habits

It's not just live feedback in the movie hall that movie makers are using to attract youngsters. It's the movies themselves.

Chinese pupils' art exhibition opens at Tretyakov Gallery

The State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow is world renowned for its impressive collection of Russian works of art over the years. The gallery is currently playing host to over a hundred Chinese pupils and their art works.

Musical tribute to the late great pop diva Teresa Teng

A musical tribute to the late great Chinese pop diva, Teresa Teng, is about to set off on a 50 show tour of China, following widespread public acclaim in Beijing.

Tastebuds tingle at Asia's biggest food-fest

A huge 5-day food expo kicked off in Hong Kong on Thursday.

Importers of foreign books look to boost sales

The Shanghai Book Fair is in full swing, bringing local writers and publishers closer to their readers.

2014 China International Youth Arts Festival opens with classical Chinese music

Earlier this week saw the launch of the 2014 China International Youth Arts Festival, here in the capital.

Seminars and workshops at 2014 Shanghai Book Fair

Literary lovers have been turning the pages at the 2014 Shanghai Book Fair and getting to meet some renowned authors along the way. The annual week-long event features book signings and seminars.

Folk artists prepare for Shoton Festival

Hailed as 'the living fossil of traditional Tibetan culture', Tibetan Opera boasts a history of more than 600 years.

Excavation ‘very likely’ to redefine the Zoroastrianism’s origin

Zoroastrianism was the state religion of the ancient Persian Empire. Its founder, Zoroaster, or Zarathustra, is thought to have been born in what is now Northeast Iran or Southwest Afghanistan.

Shanghai Book Fair attracts Nobel Prize laureate

Shanghai is hosting an international book fair that will open on Wednesday. Organizers say this year book lovers will have even more opportunities to meet their favorite writers including a Nobel laureate.

Thai workers bring temple craft to China

Buddhist temples in the many different styles of the world are being erected in central China, as part of an initiative to promote knowledge of Buddhist culture.

Nanjing tourist sites gear up for Youth Olympics

Performers and athletes aren't the only ones preparing for the Youth Olympics. The host city is giving many of its popular attractions a makeover to welcome the tourists that will flood in during the games.

Youth Olympic Games opening ceremony rehearsal held

There are only six days to go before this year's Youth Olympic Games open in the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing. A rehearsal for the event's opening ceremony was underway on Sunday night.

Ancient capital highlights its many attractions

The 2014 Youth Olympic Games is just around the corner, and it's being held in Nanjing, capital of east China's Jiangsu Province.

Runners sprint past Beijing’s iconic structures

The first Guangming Neon Fun Run and Revelry has just been held on Friday night.

Int'l Carpet Exhibition opens in Xining, Qinghai

The 2014 International Carpet Exhibition is held in Xining, capital city of Qinghai.

Rare pieces of Chinese classical books shown to public

This August the Chinese National Library's affiliated museum of classic books is exhibiting 800 rare pieces, which have never been shown to the public.

Chinese centenarian brothers publish memoirs

To celebrate his centenary, Ma has published his memoirs alongside his older brother, who's 104! Let's take a look at their personal recollections of a tumultuous century.

Philosopher Tang Yijie keeps Confucius alive

Professor Tang Yijie has made it his mission to preserve the work of Confucius. The eighty-seven year old scholar spearheaded a monumental project aimed at doing just that.

Dictation Assembly of Chinese Characters underway

A TV program is striving to rekindle interest among Chinese readers, reminding everyone of the enduring appeal of Chinese characters.

Eye-opening combination of music and dance for the Double Seventh Festival

Renowned French pianist Richard Clayderman has teamed up with Chinese ballet dancer Sisi Qiu to deliver a mesmerizing performance at the Century Theatre in Beijing.

Shanghai hosts national student art exhibition

An exhibition featuring works by primary and middle school students has opened at the China Art Museum in Shanghai.

Painting by Xu Beihong donated to China Art Museum

A famous painting by Xu Beihong called 'Rooster and Goat' has been donated by the Yi family to the China Art Museum in Shanghai.

12th China International Choral Festival opens in Beijing

More music from the Beijing stage as the 12th China International Choral Festival has begun.

New kids section at Beijing Book Building

The Beijing Book Building has recently opened a special section just for kids. Named the Kids Fun Space, it features a massive collection of books, toys and interactive activities.

Homer's tale told through puppetry

The 4th China Children’s Theater Festival is coming to a close, but the stage is more animated than ever. Friday evening saw Greek hero ‘Ulysses’ once again come to life in front of hundreds of curious youngsters, thanks to some skillful puppeteers.

Hello Kitty joins Hong Kong's Madame Tussauds

Hello Kitty is now a member of a very special club. She's the latest in line to join Hong Kong's Madame Tussauds, following the recent inductions of action hero Donnie Yin and Lady Gaga. The adorable figure was unveiled on Thursday.

AMC to produce series based on 'Journey to the West'

The American Movie Classics has announced it will produce six-hour long episodes of 'Badlands', a modern martial arts drama loosely based on the Chinese classic novel, 'Journey to the west'.

Symphony celebrates main ideas of Confucianism

A choral symphony paying tribute to the core spirit of Confucianism has been performed in Hong Kong, as the opening show of the Hong Kong Shenzhen Creative Art Festival.

Unique cooking competition of Guizhou promotes ethnic culture

Kaili City in Southwest China's Guizhou Province holds a unique cooking competition, which highlights a local traditional cuisine called Sour Soup Fish, a popular dish around the country.

Yi ethnic people celebrate Torch Festival

The Torch Festival, which usually falls on June 24th of the Chinese lunar calendar, is the biggest festival of the Yi Ethnic Group in Southeast China.

Kids have fun at Pop-up Book Exhibition

When you open a pop-up book, you might see flowers blooming at you, or castles rising from the horizon. In Shanghai, kids were able to learn how to make their own pop-up books at an exhibition for the art form.

Thousands mark General Guan Yu's anniversary in Shanxi

Sunday marks the anniversary of General Guan Yu's birthday, who lived in the late Han dynasty over 1,800 years ago.

American high school scholars enjoy Chinese culture

The USA President Awardee Students Delegation has arrived. The 12-member group plans to tour the capital。

760 students attend National Robot Contest in Xinjiang

Teenage robot fans from around China have gathered at Xinjiang Normal University and the region's Science and Technology Museum, to share ideas and to compete in a contest.

Fila launches Fall/Winter collection

'Lago di Como' is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy and has been a favorite locale in popular films and for celebrity get-aways. Now, it has also become the inspiration for Italian brand Fila's 2014 Fall/Winter collection.

Well-respected translator and writer Yang Jiang celebrates 103th birthday

In literature news, well-respected translator and writer Yang Jiang has celebrated her 103th birthday on Thursday.

Massive fair of children's toys in Beijing

There's great fun for the whole family - The Beijing's Kids Fun Expo is showcasing a massive array of children's toys at the National Convention Center.

Special events planned to mark 120th anniversary of Mei Lanfang

Peking Opera is a quintessential part of Chinese culture, and this year marks the 120th anniversary of one of the most celebrated opera singers of the genre.

Event combines art with nature and science

For parents who want to keep their little ones entertained during the summer holiday, what about a night at the museum? The Beijing Museum of Natural History is now hosting its annual night event, which offers activities that combine art with nature and science.

Hit song boosts movie's box office performance

After ‘The coolest ethnic style’, another song has gone viral in China. ‘Little Apple’ by pop group ‘Chopsticks Brothers’ is now taking the country by storm.

Play 'Top Restaurant' staged 500 times

The classic play 'Top Restaurant', part of the repertoire of the Beijing People's Art Theater, has achieved a special milestone by having its 500th staging.

Mei Lanfang's son discusses father's impact on Peking Opera

CCTV News reporter Fei Ye sits down with Mei Baojiu to talk about Mei Lanfang's legacy, and the kind of father, mentor and teacher he was.

Special events planned to mark 120th anniversary of Mei Lanfang

CCTV News reporter Fei Ye speaks to the president of one of the most famous Peking Opera theaters in Beijing about some of the events they will be organizing to celebrate the milestone.

‘A Tea Spell’: a mystical dance through Chinese tea culture

A fascinating dance at the National Center for the Performing Arts, ‘A Tea Spell’ is a splendid portrayal of Chinese culture during the Tang dynasty.

Peking Opera tells the story of Macao

As this year marks the 15th anniversary of its return to China, for the first time, the story of the city will be taken to the stage by artists from a Peking Opera troupe in east China's Jiangsu Province.

Protecting the city ruins along the Silk Road

As it's become a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the protection of the Silk Road has become more urgent than ever. Among the 22 heritage sites on the Chinese segment of the road, some are city ruins that have been ravaged by time for thousands of years.

Couples head to Tibet for wedding photos

Many newlyweds in China have their eyes on Tibet. More and more couples are fond of having their wedding photos shot in the stunning scenery there, for the natural beauty, as well as the famous cultural sites.

Bright colors, beach themes, indigenous patterns featured HK Fashion Week

Hong Kong Fashion Week has kicked off across the Asian financial hub. Three Asian designer brands - Ika Butoni, Clara Tan and ZeevanCo by Meggie - showed their upcoming Spring/Summer styles on the catwalk in hopes of turning the eyes of the fashion world onto bolder and trendier designs.

First Taiwan born panda Yuan Zai celebrates first birthday

Performances by young children will always bring out the best in a community, and the sight of a young panda cub is surely to bring out the best of theirs as well.

Sino-S. Korea cultural exchange increases

As TV dramas from South Korea have become popular in China, a Chinese influence has also swept South Korea in recent years.

Young Beijing rockers dream of music stardom

A group of primary school kids in Beijing is hoping to follow in the footsteps of stars like Jimi Hendrix and Queen and they've formed their own rock band.

Mogao Grottoes cap the number of visitors on site

The Mogao Grottoes is a UNESCO world heritage site with a history of 1,600 years. The grottoes attract countless visitors from around the world every day, which puts quite a strain on the area.

Mazu statue comes home to Kunshan

Chinese sea-goddess 'Mazu' has long been worshipped by fishermen and sailors, especially in southeastern coastal parts of China. Since China's Song dynasty, Mazu has been an icon of protection for anyone working at sea.

Original Chinese opera productions on the rise

The ‘Rickshaw Boy’ has stirred some debate about whether it's appropriate to combine western opera style with China's classic literature, as imported opera styles are undoubtedly gaining ground in the country.

NCPA's opera production 'Rickshaw Boy' debuts

A project focusing on operas produced in China is being realized at the NCPA here in Beijing. This week saw the Rickshaw Boy, the fifth production in the series, meeting the audience after three years of preparation.

Sydney Symphony Orchestra sets sail for China

The resident of the iconic Sydney Opera house, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra has wowed Beijing's classical music fans on Friday.

JJ Lin, Penny Tai crowned best male & female singer at 25th Golden Melody Awards

This year's 25th Golden Melody Awards and Global Music Festival has seen two frequent nominees, JJ Lin and Penny Tai finally taking home trophies.

Pandas star in 'China Day' celebration in Belgium

Belgium's Pairi Daiza Zoo has held a celebration dubbed 'China Day', starring two giant pandas who made their debut at the zoo in April.

Chinese folk artists spearhead Smithsonian Folklife Festival

China is the name of the game at Washington's latest Smithsonian Folklife Festival. As the guest of honor, the country has sent a 120 member delegation, consisting of folk artists and craftsmen.

NCPA's opera production 'Rickshaw Boy' debuts

A project focusing on operas produced in China is being realized at the National Center for the Performing Arts here in Beijing.

Art from Silk Road countries represented

The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is playing host to an international art Biennale themed 'Meet on the Silk Road'.

China gets 3 successful inscriptions at 38th session of World Heritage Conference

The 38th session of the World Heritage Conference has concluded in Doha, Qatar. China has achieved fruitful results with three successful inscriptions.

The Grand Canal: UNESCO's newest World Heritage site

Just recently, the Grand Canal in China, the world's longest artificial waterway, made it onto the list of World Heritage Sites. CCTV News reporter Fei Ye talked to an expert about the significance of this title, and what the new responsibilities are that will come with it.

Luoyang: The ancient capital that feeds China

Luoyang plays an important role in the history of this mighty waterway, as an epicenter for food distribution and an ancient capital of China.

Jining: Capital of the Grand Canal

Jining in Shandong Province is known to the world as the birthplace of Confucius, but few know that the city has long been called the "Capital of the Grand Canal."

New sections of South China Karst listed as World Heritage

Additional sections of South China’s Karst landscape have just been added to the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Oldest motion picture storytelling

The art of Shadow Puppetry is one of the oldest Chinese traditions and has been around for hundreds of years. This week we're seeing a revitalization of the craft, which is being celebrated at the Chinese Shadow Puppet Cultural Center.

Min Fang Lei to return home and be reunited with its cover

An invaluable ancient Chinese bronze ware, called the Min Fang Lei, is returning home after being sold abroad for almost a century. It has been brought back by the Hunan Provincial Museum.

Silk Road successfully listed as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage

Part of the millennium-old trade route, the Silk Road has been successfully included into the UNESCO World Heritage list at the 38th session of the World Heritage Committee in Doha.

SIFF finalists announced, 15 films vie for Golden Goblet

The International Jury of the 17th Shanghai International Film Festival has announced that 15 films will compete for the 'Golden Goblet', the top prize of the annual festival.

Canal's World Heritage status to be announced soon

The vast inland waterway system in the north-eastern and central eastern plains passes through eight of the country’s present-day provinces and municipalities.

Ganzi Tibetan exhibition in Beijing closes

In Beijing, an exhibition features the culture of the Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, which is located in Sichuan province. The week-long event has gathered the finest representative works of the rich cultural legacy of the region.

CCTV sets up new film base in NE China

CCTV’s Central New Film Group has announced the launch of a new film base in Shenyang, the capital of northeast China’s Liaoning province. The new base is expected to become the biggest film production center in the country’s northeast.

Tan Dun concert marks World Environment Day

Every year on June 5th is the World Environment Day, also called Eco Day, and is a call for global awareness about protecting the environment. To mark the occasion, famed composer and conductor Tan Dun has charmed Beijing on Thursday with an outdoor concert at Chaoyang Park.

Showcasing the Tibetan beauty of Sichuan

The Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture occupies the western arm of Sichuan province in southwest China. A week of activities showcasing its natural and cultural beauty has kicked off on Wednesday in Beijing.

Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra performs Tan Dun piece

Famed composer Tan Dun has taken his latest composition 'Nv Shu: The Secret Songs of Women' to Hunan province, where the artform first originated.

New variations of Zongzi to tickle your taste buds

Zongzi is the food you can't afford to miss during dragon boat festival. Zongzi is an iconic Chinese delicacy, made of glutinous rice and wrapped with bamboo leaves. Some of China's top zongzi makers are in Chengdu in south west China.

Final preparations for CCTV’s annual Children’s Day Gala

June the 1st is International Children's Day, a universal festival for children around the globe. In Beijing, the final preparations are underway for CCTV’s Children's Day Gala, a colorful variety show featuring singing, dancing and hundreds of young performers.

Director of 'A Bite of China' clears doubts

'A Bite of China,' a documentary centering on the history of Chinese cuisines, met with rave reviews when its first season aired in 2012.

10th China Int’l Cultural Industries Fair opens in Shenzhen

The 10th China International Cultural Industries Fair has opened in Shenzhen.

China & France bring ballet classic to Peking University

French and Chinese ballets stars working together, and creating an exceptional evening in Beijing.

Exclusive: “Master of color” adapts new style with “Coming Home”

Director Zhang Yimou's new film Coming Home is being released in theaters nation-wide on Friday.

Disabled Chinese & French artists find rebirth on stage

One of the highlights is the dance creation "The Red Thread" , which has just premiered at the Beijing Poly Theater.

Han Opera revival: The legacy of Mi Yingxian

A 200-year-old wooden statue of a highly influential opera performer has come to light. The statue is of great historical significance to Han Opera, a mostly forgotten precursor to Peking Opera.

Chinese president writes introduction for art exhibition

Ten painting masterpieces which are hallmarks of French art history are on display at the National Museum of China.

Chefs bring Shanxi cuisine to UN headquarters

Not to be outdone, Shanxi Province is also looking to charm global audiences with one of its most prized assets.

Copenhagen taking in Beijing’s charms and culture

“Beijing Week” has been showcasing its culture and folk traditions to the people of Copenhagen and others across Denmark.

Chinese language contests open globally

As China's economy continues to grow, many young professionals are looking to get ahead by learning the most spoken language in the world. To honor those studying the language, the "Chinese Bridge" competition kicked off across the globe.

Shanghai opens two new culture-themed subways

When taking the subway, most people prefer to look down at their cellphones. Now, passengers in Shanghai are getting a change from that. Two subway lines, Line 8 and Line 10 that are printed with works of Monet, Picasso and Zhang Daqian have just rolled out.

Award-winning directors speak at CCTV docu forum

CCTV's documentary channel held a special gathering for its production union on Thursday and Friday.

“A Bite of China” brings fame to “hollow noodles”

The second season of the gourmet documentary "A Bite of China" has created quite a buzz with the stunning culinary skills featured.

Old Peking Opera classic revived at Temple Theater

A special Peking Opera performance on Friday and Saturday at the prestigious Temple Theatre, a part of the Beijing Opera House, revisits an opera that disappeared from the stage 60 years ago.

Legendary cafe in New York City run by Chinese father and son

New Yorkers take their coffee seriously. And there's is nothing quite likes taking a well-made sip in a great cafe.

52 couples marry in Han Dynasty costumes

There is a mass wedding that took place in southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality.

A bustling hutong attraction in downtown Beijing

Every holiday season, Nanluoguxiang is packed with crowds coming from near and far, all wishing to get a taste of old Beijing flavor.

Upside-down house opens to public in Shanghai

Shanghai urban planners have opened a Polish-designed upside-down house to the public.

“Dream Back to Shanghai” marks 35th anniversary of Shanghai Ballet

As part of the ongoing Shanghai Spring International Music Festival, the Shanghai Ballet has presented a contemporary work called "Dream Back to Shanghai" Thursday night at the Shanghai Grand Theater.

Intangible Cultural Heritage:“Henan Zhuizi”

During this year's May Day holiday, Xuchang city in Henan province celebrated one facet of its Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Art Beijing Art Fair: From contemporary art to classic art

All things art were on display at the 9th Art Beijing Art Fair, which brings together galleries and buyers from all over the world.

First Shanghai TV Series Month underway in NY

The first ever Shanghai Television Series Month is underway in New York City. SinoVision, a US-based Chinese and English language TV network, and Shanghai Media Group will be showing some of their most popular TV shows, in an attempt to increase understanding of Chinese culture.

Cross-cultural exchange at CCTV youth gala

Now in its third year, the Youth Day gala has become a major event for college students, and also involves some multicultural interaction. We take a look back at some of the preparations for the show, particularly a performance combining Russian and Chinese elements.

Chinese language learners look for job opportunities

The Beijing Language and Culture University is the university with the country's largest number of registered foreign students. We find out why so many of these global talents have come to China.

China’s growing animation industry has some catching up to do

The 10th China International Cartoon and Animation Festival has been held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. Observers say that while government policies have aided the development of the industry, it still has a long way to go before catching up with Japan and the U.S.

College students perform at “Flowers in May”

It's nearly time to celebrate Youth Day, which falls on May 4th. To ring in the occasion, college students from around the country have gathered in Beijing to perform at CCTV's gala "Flowers in May".

CCTV gala to celebrate May 4th Youth Day

To celebrate China’s annual Youth Day, which falls on May 4th, a dazzling gala featuring students from around the country which will be aired on CCTV-1.

Coming-of-age ritual held in Confucius Temple

Beijing's Confucius Temple and Imperial College has hosted a coming-of-age ceremony for a group of high school students. Following Chinese tradition, the ceremony seeks to revive Confucian thought for the modern day.

Second episode of “A Bite of China II” airs

“A Bite of China” is a popular TV documentary series that first came out in 2012, and has now begun its second season. The highly anticipated series aired its second episode on Friday night. It follows seven stories about passing on culinary traditions to the next generation.

Qingdao International Horticultural Expo opens

The Coastal city of Qingdao is hosting a major horticultural event, the International Horticultural Exposition. Nearly a hundred gardens there are featuring scenery from China and about forty other countries.

Chinese talent show “Sing My Song” exported to UK

"Sing My Song" is a Chinese reality talent show that premiered on January 3 this year on CCTV-3, Britain's ITV Global Studios has just landed international format rights to the show -- making it the first original Chinese talent show format to be brought overseas.

Lending library opens in Tianjin wet market

April 23rd is the World Book Day. To mark this occasion we visit an unusual location for a book shop in Tianjin.

Kunqu Opera "The Peony Pavilion" goes to campus

Kunqu Opera, also known as Kunju or Kun opera was founded in Kun Shan before the Ming Dynasty. It is regarded as the sister to Peking Opera and is one of the oldest forms of opera in China.

Annual Matsu Culture Festival opens in Guangzhou

The annual Guangzhou Matsu Culture Festival opened on Monday at the Tin Hau Temple in Guangzhou.

Kite fliers from around the world gather in Shandong

The 31st Weifang International Kite Festival has kicked off in the city of Weifang in east China’s Shandong Province.

War drama debuts at Beijing People’s Art Theater

The Beijing People’s Art theater for 60 years has insisted on staging diverse works of drama.

Beijing to host first ever IMAX Film Panorama

Beijing is about to host its first ever IMAX Film Panorama.

Experience Dali Bai ethnic culture in Beijing

Yunnan Province has one of the richest and most diverse ethnic cultures.

Precious color documentary shows China in 1947

An 81-minute film recorded in 1947 by a Norwegian missionary has been handed over to China. This precious film showcases the lives of Chinese people living in 8 cities at that time.

Carrying on traditions and wisdom in Shanghai

Shanghai’s Third Folk Culture festival, which features a variety of rousing performances and art, is held at Sanlintang town.

4th Beijing International Film Festival begins

The Beijing International Film Festival, one of the most anticipated events in China’s film industry, has kicked off at the National Center for the Performing Arts.

Director John Woo talks about Chinese film market

Hong Kong action director John Woo is a big presence at the fourth edition of the Beijing International Film Festival.

Popular TV documentary “A Bite of China” season 2 returns

The second series of the hit documentary series “A Bite of China” is almost here, which of course means more hours salivating in front of your television sets.

US contestants shine in Chinese speech contest

The US regional contest of the 13th Chinese Bridge Chinese language contest was held last Saturday. Held in the Confucius institute of the University of Maryland, it has attracted numerous American students gifted in Chinese.

Beat A Ga: work songs of Tibet

Many workers in rural areas today sing these songs to get through work that is often monotonous and dull. The work songs sung by Tibetan farmers as they build homes is regaining popularity.

Luoyang celebrates China's national flower

Spring has sprung and Luoyang has burst into color. For the 32nd year, the city in central China's Henan Province is hosting a festival celebrating the peony.

3D-printed fabrics woven into swimsuit collection on Shanghai Fashion Week

More now from the on-going Shanghai Fashion Week 2014. The nine day event is showcasing 45 different fashion shows, and every season brings something new to the public. This time it's 3D printed fabrics. So just how exactly do digital materials transform into ready-to-wear?

Shanghai woman keeps the craft of crochet alive

One rarely seen skill called crochet was once very popular on the outskirts of Shanghai, but the stitching style is now facing the threat of disappearance.

Luoyang kicks off 32nd annual peony festival

Spring has sprung and Luoyang has burst into color. For the thirty-second year, the city in central China’s Henan province, is hosting a festival celebrating the peony, China’s national flower.

Australia TV Week brings programming to Shanghai

Viewers in Shanghai are getting a look at some of the best Australian TV programs this week.

Chicken Cup sets record at HK auction

A rare cup that’s more than 500 years old has fetched 36 million US dollars at a Hong Kong auction on Tuesday, smashing the previous world record for Chinese porcelain.

Beijing College Student Film Festival kicks off

The 21st Beijing College Student Film Festival has just kicked off on Tuesday. A total of 34 films will compete for the Jury Award.

Highlights of Sotheby’s 2014 spring sale

Sotheby’s 2014 Hong Kong Spring Sale concluded on Tuesday. The auction featured exceptional objects encompassing various works of art, fine Chinese ceramics and outstanding Chinese paintings.

A Bite of China lands in Cannes for int'l bidders

Last Saturday, MIPTV, a content event for selling and distributing entertainment content opened in Cannes. Among the TV productions is the second season of CCTV’s hit documentary "A Bite of China".

Central Taiwan holds gala to worship Mazu

Central Taiwan holds gala to worship Mazu

Qingming festival boosts tourism in China

Qingming festival boosts tourism in China

Kaifeng hosts event featuring 30 puppet troupes

People are all familiar with Puppet shows, and recently 30 puppet troupes and hundreds of Puppet theater performers gathered in Kaifeng, Henan Province to join China’s first national puppet show.

Xiangshi Festival opens in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province

For people in the Yangtze Delta Region, the Qingming holiday can be a good time to take short trips to nearby provinces. One possible destination, the Xiangshi Festival, a carnival for villagers that’s going on now in Wuzhen of Zhejiang Province.

Northern Song Dynasty culture on parade in Kaifeng

The Millennium City Park in the city of Kaifeng in central China has just held a Qing Ming parade on Thursday. The parade features the culture of the Northern Song Dynasty from more than 1,000 years ago.

Cultural exchange activity “Sensible China” held in Myanmar

Having toured over 20 countries in the past ten years, "Sensible China" has made it possible for people in other countries to experience Chinese culture. The most recent stop is Myanmar.

Tourists flock to China’s National Flower Garden

Luoyang, a city in central China’s Henan Province, is famous for its peonies which are now in full bloom, tens of thousands of butterflies have travelled there all the way from Yunnan province to China’s National Flower Garden.

Henan holds ritual at birthplace of imperial ancestor

Henan is the birthplace of Huangdi, also known as the Yellow Emperor. On Wednesday, a ritual was held to honor his birthday, which falls on the third day of March according to the lunar calendar.

French Ambassador on Sino-French cultural relations

2014 marks the 50th anniversary of Sino-French diplomatic ties. Cultural exchange has played a key role in maintaining and enhancing the two countries relationship. French Ambassador Madame Sylvie Bermann talks about the outlook of our cultural cooperation.

Shanghai booth attracts eyes at Paris Book Fair

The 2014 Paris Book Fair kicked off on Friday. This year Shanghai is a guest city at the event and therefore hundreds of Chinese texts, from traditional literature to modern novels are on display.

Gov't in Shanxi starts project to bring springs back to life

Jinci is the most famous temple complex in north China's Shanxi Province. And the thousand-year-old Jin Springs were the main tourist attraction there. They used to be comparable with the famous Baotu Spring in Jinan city.

More than 10,000 cherry blossom trees at Gucun Park

Shanghai annual Cherry Blossom Festival opens at Gucun Park this Thursday.

Shanghai Disneyland to feature first Pirates-themed rides

Shanghai’s Disneyland, the first Disney park on the Chinese mainland, will feature scenes and characters from the blockbuster "Pirates of the movies.

Exhibition of porcelain inspired by Chinese literary classic

Vera Fan, a designer from Taiwan, tells us the answer with a porcelain show featuring scenes depicted in Chinese masterpiece "A Dream of Red Mansions".

China's ethnic Yi group worship azalea goddess

As azaleas burst into bloom throughout southwest China’s Guizhou Province, the Yi ethnic minority have been performing an ancient ceremony to worship a flower goddess.

China Int'l Education Exhibition Tour opens in Beijing

Students across the country are making the last sprint towards their college entrance exams in June, and a growing number are preparing for overseas study.

"Romeo and Juliet" gets Chinese adaptation

The stage drama "Romeo and Juliet" is being shown at the National Theatre of China in Beijing. It’s dedicated to the 450th anniversary of William Shakespeare, and has been well received at the Hong Kong Arts Festival.

Rare Ming dynasty wine cup expected to fetch $30 mln at HK auction

The spring auction season in Hong Kong is fast approaching, and among all the precious items up for grabs, a five-century-old wine cup painted with chickens is one of the most prized pieces.

"Diaoyu Islands, The Truth" released in LA

A documentary tracing the history of the Diaoyu Islands has been released at a Theater in Los Angeles in the United States.

CPPCC members discuss improving moral values

At the ongoing national conference, delegates are discussing the positive effects that culture can have on a nation’s people. And moral values are a hot topic on the agenda.

Palace Museum treasures to make Canada debut

A large number of treasures from Beijing's Forbidden City are set to be displayed in Canada for the very first time. The Royal Ontario Museum will soon unveil an exhibition titled "The Forbidden City: Inside the Court of China’s Emperors."

Scholar & CPPCC member devoted to cultural heritage

Sholar Feng Jicai is a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference who has put forward over a hundred proposals to government. However, in the last decade, his ideas have remained on a single issue: calling for the protection of ancient villages all across China.

China-US memorandum extended for another 5 years

The Memorandum of Understanding Between China and US concerning import restriction of Chinese cultural relics has been proved by both sides to remain effective for another half a decade.

Hong Kong stages biggest spring jewellery show

As the world’s largest jewellery event this spring, the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, is set to open. The event debuts an elite section reserved for exclusive, high-end masterpieces on Wednesday.

Sub-anchor: Big changes in China's movie industry

My colleague Zhong Shi joins me now in the studio with more insights on how China’s cultural industry is flaring at the moment.

Young virtuoso joined by London Symphony Orchestra

On Sunday, the world renowned London Symphony Orchestra was joined by famous Chinese pianist Wang Yujia, to perform some of the most technically challenging pieces in the classical repertoire at Beijing’s National Center for the Performing Arts.

Guthuk dumplings, ghost exorcisms highlight celebrations of Tibetan New Year

The most important family celebration of the Tibetan Lunar New Year actually happens two days before new year’s day, when Tibetans gather for a feast to mark the "ghost-exorcising" festival.

A Chinese version of Shakespeare classic "Romeo and Juliet"

To celebrate William Shakespeare’s 450th birthday, renowned drama director Tian Qinxin will present her adaptation of the classic love story "Romeo and Juliet" at the Hong Kong Arts Festival on March 1st.

New renditions of classic Peking Opera pieces set to release

The Academy of National Theatre Arts is set to release fresh renditions of two timeless Peking Opera pieces from the Cheng school.

China's first overseas Expo pavilion unveiled

Plans have been unveiled for the China Pavilion at the 2015 World Expo in Milan.

Remains of crossbow found at the terracotta warriors site

The terracotta warriors site in Xi’an has long been a hot tourist destination, and a continued base for archaeological studies.

Over 80 percent to be eliminated at art college auditions

The enrolment season for art and performing arts colleges in China started about 10 days ago. Aspiring candidates from around the country are taking their second round of auditions.

A classic love story mesmerises Beijing audiences

A fascinating traditional Chinese Opera has audiences enthralled. "Luyou and Tangwan" is a Yueju opera popular in East China.

Int'l Mother Language Day: 24 languages expected to disappear yearly

Up first today, you may be surprised to hear that languages all over the world are dying out at an average rate of 24 a year, an astonishing figure.

"Black Coal, Thin Ice" wins Golden Bear for Best Picture

The Chinese film "Black Coal, Thin Ice" has won the Golden Bear for best picture at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival.

Lantern Festival marks end of Spring Festival

Friday marks the traditional Chinese Lantern Festival, which falls on the 15th day of the first lunar month. Lantern Festival is a time for people to get together to watch lantern shows.

Lantern markets spring up as Lunar New Year festivities end

In the city of Nanjing, local artists there have come up with different kinds of lanterns l. It’s no surprise that this year horse-themed lanterns are popular.

Snowy scenes at ancient Chinese temple attract visitors

The Yueshan Temple in Henan Province is now covered in snow and ice which has seemed to make the temple even more mysterious.

Red envelope museum: Guangdong woman collects 20,000 hongbao

Everyone in China loves receiving hongbao, those red envelopes with money inside that are often given to youngsters by their elders during festivals. And while most people are excited by the prospect of a cash gift, some are fascinated with the packet itself. One such person is in Guangdong Province.

The China Factor: Shaolin Kung Fu draws people from around the world

What the world considers a uniquely Chinese discipline - Kung Fu. Shaolin Temple is a veritable mecca for Kung Fu lovers. Made famous around the world in countless martial arts movies, each year it attracts many martial arts enthusiasts keen on studying the discipline.

Video: Trove of Chinese art exhibition at UK museum

The ancient university town of Oxford is beginning the Year of the Horse with plans for an exhibition of what's considered to be the West's finest private collection of Chinese art.

Unique performance from Shaanxi in high demand

A group of unlikely musicians from a remote village in Shaanxi province were only a stone's throw away from performing at CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala.

Tourist flock to famous sites for holiday

People across China are continuing the new year celebrations, and what better way to celebrate than to visit temple fairs or go to scenic spots?

UK capital welcomes Year of the Horse

The Year of the Horse arrived on January the 31st, but London held its big celebrations on Sunday. Zhang Lan reports on the festivities.

The China Factor: Cubans celebrate Chinese culture in Havana

Dragon dances on the streets of Chinatown along with other celebrations, have become annual events in Havana to mark the Chinese Lunar New Year. Cuba once had the largest Chinese population in the Americas outside of San Francisco, California.