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California oil spill: 105K gallons leak from broken pipe, forms 14km oil slick

Oil pipeline company officials said Wednesday that as many as 105,000 gallons of crude oil may have spilled from a ruptured pipeline on the California coast.

3,000-strong delegation from Japan visits Guangzhou

A 3,000-strong delegation from Japan has arrived in Guangzhou in Southern China. It's the largest Japanese delegation to visit China in 15 years.

Malaysia & Indonesia to offer temporary shelter to Rohingyas

Malaysia's prime minister said Thursday that he had ordered the navy and the coast guard to comb the sea looking for stranded migrants, the first country to announce it will search for the refugees instead of waiting for them to wash up on Southeast Asia's shores.

Colombia baby survives mudslide

An 11-month-old baby has survived a devastating mudslide in Colombia that killed at least 78 people.

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