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Johnson & Johnson may have Ebola vaccine ready by May

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) plans to have 250,000 doses of an experimental Ebola vaccine ready for use in clinical trials in May.

Syrian Kurds flee Kobane for Turkey as winter approaches

About 180,000 Syrian Kurds fled into southeastern Turkey in the past four weeks, away from violence of Islamic State (IS) militants who seized dozens of Kurdish villages in northern Syria.

Ukrainian parliamentary elections open over the weekend

Early parliamentary elections in Ukraine will take place in Ukraine on 26 October, in spite of the military turmoil in the East.The elections are intended to enable the Ukrainian people to vet corrupt officials, and select a government which is capable of delivering lasting reform.

Study shows consumption of sugary drinks linked to premature aging

A study published by The American Journal of Public Health found that drinking soda may effect the way your body ages in the same way as smoking.According to the study, drinking soda makes certain cells in your body age faster. It also puts you at risk for things like heart disease and diabetes.

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