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Exclusive interview: The future of China's economy

12-12-2013 08:48 BJT

By CCTV reporter Guan xin

As the new year is drawing near, the future performance of China’s economy is increasingly in focus. At the ongoing CCTV annual financial forum, our reporter spoke with key business delegates, let’s hear their predictions for 2014.

Liu Chuanzhi, Lenovo CEO.

"Reforming financial sector, pushing forward urbanization and boosting domestic demand by consumption are all very challenging but with positive results. For example, if we could really boost demand by consumption, China’s economy will enter a positive circle. The 3rd plenum has set the direction, but the path is still rocky. I believe things are changing for the better in 2014, but I believe in 2015 we can see a prosperous situation." Liu Chuanzhi, CEO of Lenovo said.

"Three key points in the future: Rural land liberalization combined with urbanization..If processed properly this will add fuel to China’s GDP growth. Second, the over-capacity issue. If resolved well, the excessive capacities can become China’s new motor of development. Thirdly, the financial reforms. Especially the marketization of interest rate. This will better the allocation of resources in the market." Dong Wenbiao, President of China Minsheng Banking Corp., ltd said.

"I believe the economic meeting will help to develop China’s modern agriculture. Agriculture in China is not only about offering food, but it’s also linked to the employment of millions of agricultural producers." Liu Yonghao, CEO of New Hope Group said.

Dong Wenbiao, President of China Minsheng Banking Corp., ltd.

Liu Yonghao, CEO of New Hope Group.


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