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Apple's earnings miss expectations


07-25-2012 10:53 BJT

With Apple continuing to bring in massive revenues, the company is also making headlines for failing to share that wealth with some of its most valued employees – its Apple Retail Store sales team.

They greet customers with enthusiasm.
Just don’t call them sales people-- Apple prefers “specialists.”

30,000 specialists across the country are indoctrinated with a mantra—“enrich people’s lives.”

But many specialists now feel they deserve to be the ones getting literally richer.

A recent New York Times article reports that many Apple Store employees are overworked, while earning just 25-thousand dollars a year.

And unlike employees at stores such as AT&T and Verizon – places that sell Apple products – specialists don’t get a commission—something that may be in the consumers’ best interests.

Carmine Gallo, Author, The Apple Experience, FULL SOT:  “You should be happy that the Apple stores are not on commission.  As a customer, you should be happy because that means they are empowered to do what is right for you – the customer.”

Carmine Gallo spent a year researching Apple retail stores for his newly released book, the Apple Experience. 

Carmine Gallo, Author, The Apple Experience, said,  “Certainly with thousands of people every week, it’s a high-pressured environment.  There’s no question about it. {edit}8:45 Most of the people who I spoke to had a very positive experience, even if they felt a lot of pressure because of the huge amount of volume they have to do.  Even those who ended up leaving still had some pretty positive experiences with the Apple brand.” 

But this is Apple – the world’s most valuable company –  and in many surveys, the world’s most valuable brand too.   If you divide the company’s revenue by the total number of employees, the figure is more than double that of your average electronics store.”

That leaves some specialists questioning the disparity between Apple’s multi-million dollar executives and their store employees who average $11.91 an hour..

Apple didn’t return requests for interviews.

Store employees we contacted said non-disclosure agreements prevented them from speaking on camera.

If any want to leave, Gallo says working for Apple looks great on a résumé.

Gallo said,  “I think you would be foolish not to hire a former Apple Store employee because they have been trained at such an exceptional level of customer service that very few brands around the world train to that level.”

But most Apple Store employees tend to be as passionate about the brand as their customers.  The retention rate for some store employees called “Geniuses” is nearly 90 percent.  And for every employee who quits his 12 dollar an hour job, there’s a line of applicants to take his place.


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