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A Gala Marking 100 Days Until Shanghai World Expo

What is a World Expo? The history began in 1851 when the great exhibition of industries of all nation was held in London, It was also the most important platform for the countries to display the best of what they have got.

2010 Spring Festival Gala Highlights

With an estimated 1 billion people at home and abroad watching, this five hour long Spring Festival Gala is huge. 27 years after its grand debut, it has become part of the festival´s tradition.

Opening Ceremony of the China World Expo Tourism Year 2010

China´s tourism market is gearing up for the Shanghai World Expo. The National Tourism Administration has set 2010 as the Year of World Expo Tourism. The Shanghai World Expo will open on May 1st and run through October 31st.

Children and Young Women Chorus

The world-renowned Children and Young Women’s Chorus of the China National Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1983 by Yang Hongnian, a professor in the conducting department of The Central Conservatory of Music.

Beijing 2009 Spring Concert

The event took place in January 2009 on the day before the eve of the Chinese Lunar year. Held at the Hall of Great the People, it is the fifth concert of this kind that take place in Beijing.

Musical Tribute to 5.12

Now a year on, we bring you a special musical tribute to those who lost their lives, loved ones and homes to the disaster, and to those who hopes and are stilling hoping to rebuild the quake-affected areas.

2008 Spring Festival Opera Gala

Beijing Opera is the largest Chinese opera form, it is extolled as ´Oriental Opera´. Having a history of 160 years, it has created many ´firsts´ in Chinese dramas.

Olympic Song

In spite of the differences in colors, languages and races, we share the charm and joy of the Olympic Games, and together we seek for the ideal of Mankind for peace. We belong to the same world and we share the same aspirations and dreams.