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Self-immolations in Ganan and the Tibetan independence activists outside China

02-06-2013 21:16 BJT

Self-immolator 1:I was coerced by "Tibetan government-in-exile"

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the peaceful liberation of Tibet in May 2001, an attempted self-immolation exercised by Gyatso and incited by the Dalai clique, was revealed by the media. Full Story >>

Self-immolator 2: no turning back

Born in Qinghai Province in northwest China, Gyatso, whose secular name is Rigzin, had never thought that he had embarked on a path with no return since he left home at the age of 19 and became a monk in Tsangar Monastery, in Tongde County, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai Province. Full Story >>

Self-immolator 3: How I become a fanatic

Now, self-immolation on the Jokhang Temple Square in Lhasa, the most unforgettable thing for Gyatso , the potential self-immolator, is still the last thing he wants to mention. Full Story >>

Self-immolator 4: Bewildered to lie“Hans bully Tibetans”

A lean figure, dark skin, plus the regular facial features with wide glabellas and prominent brows, Gyatso is an image of an ordinary nomad living in northern Tibet. It is really hard to link him with a "self-immolator". Full Story >>

Self-immolator 5: “Han people invades Tibet”, definitely wrong

Gyatso was shocked by the scene when he set his feet on the land of Dharamsala, where the modern colorful residential buildings, hotels and shops were mixed together with dirty slums and open barns. Full Story >>

Self-immolator 6: Being marginalized suspect

Once,Gyatso wanted to take a photo with his friends near the garden of the "Reception Office of the Tibetan government- in- exile in India". As soon as they posed,they were immediately stopped by a man, who came out of the "Reception Office” with a suspicious eye. Full Story >>

Self-immolator 7: I become a "professional hunger-striker"

One day, Gyatso saw someone handing out leaflets, on which read a “Tibetan independence” hunger-strike would be launched in January, 2000 in Delhi, and anyone interested could attend it after writing a “pledge”.Full Story >>

Self-immolator 8: Self-immolation postponed for the sake of Americans

After participating in three paid hunger strikes, Gyatso drew the attention of the “Sanqu Federation, an organization which has launched many“Tibet independence”activities. And then a member of the organization started to incite Gyatso to commit self-immolation. Full Story >>

Self-immolator 9: Finally arrested

After having committed two failed self-immolations, Gyatso gradually calmed down and developed a fear for his future. However, then he hadn’t come out of the crazy state as he had turned into a fanatic of self-immolation from a young lama who once dreamed of “sacrifice himself to religion”. Full Story >>

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