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China showcases its nuclear submarine force

10-29-2013 08:02 BJT

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By CCTV reporter Han Bin

China has made a historic decision to reveal details about its nuclear submarine force. Mainstream media outlets across the country have provided wide coverage about the force's first fleet, its safety record, as well as training and technological advancements. But what does this transparency mean? What signals is China trying to send? Our reporter Han Bin interviews Chinese military experts to find out more.

PLA Navy's first nuclear-powered submarine force.

Coming up for air, China’s nuclear submarines used to be one of the world’s best-kept secrets.

Chinese journalists were recently invited to an open house where they got a thorough introduction to this strategic force for the first time. Both ballistic missile submarines and attack submarines have been shown on national TV.

“We’ve made great progress through technological improvements, as well in mass training over long-distances and combat capabilities.” Said Wang Zhonghui, captain of China Nuclear Submarine.

China’s nuclear submarine force is a key pillar of the country’s military strength, with the latest equipment being designed domestically.

Military expert Yin Zhuo reveals the significance of the force.

“China says it has a no first use nuclear weapons policy. Nuclear submarines can effectively deter and fight back against those who want to launch nuclear attacks on China. It can reduce the danger of nuclear war. ” Military expert Major General Yin Zhuo said.

It’s believed that the nuclear submarine force is a symbol of naval strength and a guardian of national security. China’s is the only such maritime strategic force in Asia.

“By showing the world China’s military development, the army hopes to deter those who have ulterior motives. Those who want to challenge China’s core interests; they will not only face its naval aviation forces, but also its underwater submarine forces.” Yin said.

Reporter: “Ever since it was founded, China’s elite unit of nuclear submarines has kept a low profile. So, many are surprised to see openness of the deterrent force today. Chinese military observers believe China’s nuclear submarine force has become strong, and confident enough to reveal its stealth.”

PLA Navy's first nuclear-powered submarine force.

PLA Navy's first nuclear-powered submarine force.

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