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NPC deputies' motions are legally binding when adopted


03-09-2014 20:45 BJT

The job of a lawmaker seems simple--to make laws. But how is this done in China? CCTV's Hou Na takes us through process with one NPC deputy.

Lawmaker Liu Kuanren considers himself well prepared for the annual session. Last year, the three-term political advisor was elected as an NPC deputy. And he's ready for the challenge.

"Fulfilling my duty as a lawmaker is quite different from being a political advisor. An NPC motion becomes legally binding when adopted. I feel greater responsibility in taking part in the legislative work and making the law closer to the people," said Liu Kuanren, NPC deputy of Shaanxi Cultural Bureau Director.

Some 3,000 NPC deputies like Liu were elected for a five-year term last year. Unlike western lawmakers, most Chinese legislators hold another full-time job, working across the country in different sectors. Such a level of diversity offers lawmakers considerable insight into China's national conditions and public opinions.

Compared with previous years, the lineup of this NPC includes more farmers- and workers-turned lawmakers.

Deputies to county- and township-level people's congresses are directly elected, while deputies above county level are elected by deputies at the next lower level.

According to official figures, authorities received some 75-hundred suggestions following last year's "two sessions".

Liu is the director of the Shaanxi provincial Cultural Bureau. This year his suggestions will focus on increasing the funding for cultural sectors in his region.

"I got the feeling that the government has been paying more and more attention to cultural sectors. That message was quite clear from the Premier’s government work report. But I still think the government should put more funds and personnel into developing the cultural sectors in the Northwest regions where the economy is under-developed," said Liu Kuanren.

Lawmakers play a key role in formulating major decisions and supervising the national organs of state power. They also present motions and suggestions on public concerns.

Authorities have responded to about 90 percent of suggestions and motions presented by legislators last year. And the majority of problems raised were solved.

Liu knows that identifying public concerns and making suggestions is just the beginning. And even when a motion is made law, there’s a long way to go before the problem is solved.

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