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The secrets of Nanhai No.1

On the 22nd December 2007, the Chinese media trembled with excitment at the news that the ancient ship Nanhai No.1 had been salvaged. Like many sunken wrecks, "Nanhai No.1" proved to be a treasure trove. More than 4,000 gold, silver, and porcelain artifacts, and 6,000 copper coins from the Southern Song Dynasty were salvaged. Experts estimate Nanhai No.1 contained more than 8,000 valuable relics.

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Episode 1

The ship dates back to the early Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) and is 30.4 meters long and 9.8 meters wide. It was the first ancient vessel discovered on the "Marine Silk Road" of the South China Sea. It was named Nanhai No. 1. meaning "South China Sea No.1."

Episode 2

From March 2002 to June 2004, the Nanhai No. 1 archeological team conducted four large scale surveys and excavasions of the sunken ship, collecting plenty of valuable objects including 4500 cultural artifacts and coins nearly 10,000 in number.

Episode 3

How was it possible that the Nanhai No.1 would remain for such a long time surmerged in the South China Sea without rotting? The answer to the question has a lot to do with the environment in which the ship was conserved.

Episode 4

Among the salvaged cultural relics, it gilt brace link, golden belt, and other gold ornaments were found.

Episode 5

With the mystery surrounding the sunken ship Nanhai No.1 solved, archeologists face a new more challenging question: how can they salvage and conserve the entire sunken ship?