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Exclusive interview with director Ning Ying: New film displays modern China

10-24-2013 09:40 BJT

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It was back in 1993 that Chinese director Ning Ying won the Young Cinema Competition at the Tokyo International Film Festival. 20 years later, the director brings her latest film "To Live and Die in Ordos" to the event. Let’s hear what she has to say about this production, her passion for filmmaking, and a little bit about her next movie.

Fourth day into the 9 day International Film Festival held in Tokyo, is attracting many audiences despite bad weather brought about by approaching typhoons. One of the films nominated for the final competition category is "To Live and Die in Ordos" directed by Ning Ying. A story about the way of life of a police officer in the city of Ordos in Inner Mongolia, we asked Ning Ying of her passion in filmmaking.

"To Live and Die in Ordos" directed by Ning Ying, a story about the way of life of a police officer in the city of Ordos in Inner Mongolia

"I like very much towards a movie to create a visual memory for the contemporary China for what we are pass through. So this film also gave me a unbelievable opportunity to be able to tell about a city story, not exist to born a new city in Inner Mongolia, Ordos and in ten years the city has finished build up. So it is like a metaphor to show what is China today.” Ning Ying, Director of "To Live and Die in Ordos", told us.

"What is the difficulty in portraying not only to the Chinese audience but to the international audience who sometimes don’t know the Chinese culture?" CCTV Correspondent Terrence Terashima asked.

"The difficulty is that when the movie to bring it outside to the international level. You know that Chinese movie so far received a very in the western audience, usually they become a kind of ’genre’ almost you know, because the western audience doesn’t know what is happening inside China, so very easy to criticized, they would like to see China through a very negative or a specific point of view." Ning said.

"First of all, when I have difficulties to choose I always think it is more important that I did a movie, I do a movie to show the people who has a same experience as me. So I need so I need the Chinese audience to say Yes first of all, and then I can face to the other audience."

"I always think about what is the way out. What is the way to find a way to, through the movie to reach more audience? And to believe that human beings are same in China and outside. May be you can find a way to show the life, the passion of live, the sexual desire and even the violence in a subtle way. Try to find a way to say this is a very Chinese way to be subtle. At the same time can be understood. So I have already for years looking for some story I can move emotionally move the audience." Said Ning.

"How do you see yourself going now in making the movies and how do you see the Chinese movie industry going ahead?"

"I think the Chinese movies needs more genre. Needs more free spirit in creativity. I see my next film would be a romantic comedy. I want to see myself continue. For instance this film is talking about a policeman, and it a full of challenge. My next film I would jump to the romantic comedy to challenge myself again to see if the romantic comedy can go over the border." Ning said.

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