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Dialogue 11/07/2012 Obama and China in next four years

11-08-2012 05:03 BJT

Dialogue 11/07/2012 Obama and China in next four years


President Hu Jintao has very quickly congratulated US President Obama on his campaign success. Obama not only faces the immediate twin tasks of overcoming bipartisanship in reconstructing a faltering economy, but also building a most important bilateral relationship with a rising China. The trust deficit is likely to persist, but both sides want to dictate the ties in their own terms. What are the common stakes that they need to look after very carefully as members of an emerging, complex commonwealth? To what degree will bilateral ties be held hostage by their domestic political and economic agendas?

Host: Yang Rui

Yang Rui

Studio Guests:

Tom McGregor, Dallas blog reporter

Tao Wenzhao, research fellow of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

U.S. President Barack Obama has beaten his Republican challenger Mitt Romney to win a second term at the White House. How might President Obama''s re-election impact US diplomatic policy? How trade between China and US may be affected during the President''s second term? The economy is of course the country''s main focus these days. Does Obama''s re-election signal that people are happy with his economic policy and what challenges will the president face in his second round?

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