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Part 1-National Day feast

Since the founding of the People´s Republic of China, almost all media reports on State Banquets have only listed the attendees. Since common people know little about them, they seem to be mysterious and solemn.

Part 2-A special banguet

There is a very special menu for a State Banquet. What makes it so special is that it contains exclusively farmhouse dishes. More surprisingly, that State Banquet was given not in the Great Hall of the People but rather in a small mountain village in the centre of Taihang Mountains.

Part 3-A mysterious evening banquet

Although nothing about this State Banquet was publicized in advance, the series of diplomatic events following this occasion have their eternal place in the development of Sino-US relations and even in the broader pattern of world affairs.


Chinese State Banquet

In the normal sense, The State banquet generally refers to the banquet held by the country and the prime minister for foreign leaders visiting China. In a broader sense, the Natonal Day Recepton held befor October 1st every year could also be considered as a State banquet.Read more>>