About Northern Territory

This is our planet. On the vast Pacific Ocean sits a magical continent- Australia. You may have been to Sydneey and heard of Canberra, but this part of Australia is different. This is the real Australia.

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Guan Tong

Group competition

The group competition started in total laughter. This was no olympic Games. OUr strength came from us all.

Yu Wei

Wild animal

When we came across the wild animal, we had to take off our shoes so as to get close to it and not to scare it away, but the stubbles of dry grass pricked the soles of our feet.
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Return to Northern Territory Part 1- Whose territory

Wilderness, wilderness and wilderness. If you search for satellite pictures of the Northern Territory on the internet, almost a thousand pictures like this. In an area of 1.5 million square kilimeters lives a population of only 210.000 people, with an average population density of only 0.2 people oer square kilometer. For those of us who live in cities it´s hard to imagine the feeling of standing on an endless land with no cars, no phones, and no internet.

Return to Northern Territory Part 2- Laws of life and death

Sam looked at his portrait, unsure of his feelings. Probably he had never dreamt that one day a Chinese girl would paint him. He has decided to give this friend from afar a present considered sacred to the tribe: a spiritual totem. He wants to make it himself and needs the right conditions. With only a few days left, will he succeed?

Return to Northern Territory Part 3- Legend about the seashore

This is Arnhem Land in the northeast of Australia´s Northern Territory. This pristine land has a long coastline; it is different from other urban seaside. The seashores and beaches here keep their original, natureal appearance. No traces of human civilization; no large oceangoing ships; no boisterous people. The sea follows the rhythms of hundreds of millions of years to give birth to life and soul. When this urban expedition contact with the high seas in the most ancient way, what will happen next?

Return to Northern Territory Part 4- Travel in a dream

From the air, Katherine Gorge looks like a great crack on the ground. It orginates from the Katherine River in Arnhem Land. For thousands of years it has given birth to everything here. Except for each December to the following April, this is a paradise for hiking, swimming and canoeing. Our expedition from Arnhem Land down the river, begins a new journey. What difficulties will these warriors meet again? What will the so-called "wprld´s paradise" show to them? This is Australia´s Northern Territory. Our story continues here.