Footprints in Macau Part 1 Matteo Ricci

The missionary´s name was Matteo Ricci, an Italian priest better known as an intellectual. His writings opened a door for the Western World to understand China, and vice-versa. He introduced things the Chinee had never heard of, such as mechanical clocks, Western paintings and music, and, above all, science and technology. It was from him that the Chinese first heard that the earth is round.

Footprints in Macau Part 2 Lin Zexu

In late April, the local Qing government official sent a notice to the Portuguese governor in Macau, saying Lin Zexu was coming to supervise the fight against opium as soon as the opium problem was cleaned up in Humen. The rumor finally proved true. Lin Zexu was coming to Macau as an imperial commissioner to suppress the opium trade. This made the local Chinese extremely happy and they began to plan a welcome ceremony.

Footprints in Macau part 3 Zheng Guanying

Zheng Guanying was born in Yongmoxu, Xiangshan County, Guangzhou on July 24, 1842. He came from a small village of some 50 households. After 16 year-old Zheng Guanying failed the exam, his father, Zheng Wenrui, decided to send him to Shanghai to work as a comprador.

Footprints in Macau part 4 Sun Yat-sen

When Sun Yat-sen came to Macau, he saw a strange world of Gothic churches and Western-style houses. Small dark people pulled elegant foreigners in rickshaws. Fereign canons overlooked the A-Ma harbor, where warships and steamships were anchored. Sun Yat-sen boarded a passenger ship to Hawaii at the port of Macau on his way to the outsie world.

Footprints in Macau part 5 Ye Ting

Autumn 1932, Macau, as usual, many ships from the world. A ship arrived in Macau from Germany carrying a Chinese couple with a small child. The husband was Ye Ting, the commander of the Independent Regiment during the Chinese National Revolution and hero of the Northern Expediton with his wife, Li Xiuwen, and their one-and-a-half year old son, Ye Zhengming.

Footprints in Macau Part 6 Xian Xinghai

Xian Xinghai´s elderly grandpa was a former sailor and enjoyed playing the bamboo flute. At 13, Xian Xinghai´s mother sent him to the YMCA work-study charity school of Lingnan University, which was free.Xian Xinghai´s favorite class was music and music was everywhere at the Western-style Lingnan University where he enjoyed access to many musical instruments. The sound of his grandpa´s flute and church choirs inspired Xian to become an active member of the school choir and wind band.