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Series: Portraying China

They are famous photographers of China. They record China from different aspects with their cameras. They show people a real China through vivid images. They tell people a long story on China´s culture, Chinese people´s lives, great changes in China and fast development of the society...

Full Episodes

Portraying China——Deke Erh

It´s nearly 30 years since he started photographing Shanghai. He is the first among Chinese photographers who created the concept of a "visual documentary". He record the disappearance of Shanghai´s traditional architecture on film.

Portraying China——Zhu Xianmin

Over countless frames, his photographic works have focused on the one river regarded as the mother of the Chinese nation, the mighty Yellow River. His images bring to us a portrayar of the living conditions of the people living along the river´s banks in vivid detail.

Portraying China——Wang Yuwen

He comes from a worker´s family. His camera has always focused on the working brothers and sisters around him. He recorded China´s industrial development through his photographic images.

Portraying China——Xi Zhinong

Thanks to his photograph, black snub-nosed monkeys have gone from being complete unknown to superstars. Because of his report,the fate of Tibetan antilopes in Hoh Xil has been reversed.He protects the nature with the power of his film.

Portraying China——Feng Hai

He is the first photographer from mainland China who stepped into the world fashion industry. He is pioneer of super realism in depicting Chinese beauty. He has used his camera to document the development of Chinese fashion.

Portraying China——Ayin

He is descendant of Cenghis Khan. He records Mongolian herdsmen with his camera. He preseves a history in silhouette of the nomads.

Portraying China——Wang Fuchun

He focuses his lens on fast-moving trains and at the different passengers on board. Over the past 30 years, he has documented the unique feelings tawards trains held by the Chinese people.