CCTV-Documentary Channel Special- The Stories of Landmarks

Six-part documentary "The Stories of Landmarks" records the most representive gourments across the country, telling the specialty of Chinese catering culture and customs. Meanwhile, every landmark has its own story that you may not know. Please stay tuned and find out what the stories behind.

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Anecdotes of Lao Mo

In a place-like construction, a group of young people are cheering under the tall dome. This scene from the film " In the Heat of the Sun," an award winner at the Venice Film Festival, was shot in a Western restaurant west of the Beijing Exhibition Center. This typical Russian-style architecture houses the Moscow Restaurant, which is nicknamed Lao Mo.

Gold medal roast duck

Tens of thousands of roast ducks were served in the Olympic Village´s main restaurant. The dish was a favorite of athletes from around the world. But the Beijing roast duck was not initially listed on the menu.So, how did it get on the menu? What´s the story behind it?

The secrets of Sichuan Cuisine

Frost Descent is the last solar term of fall, and is usually around October 23. After that, the mercury drops. People cannot resist the temptation of the rich and bold flavors of Beijing´s Sichuan restaurants in the midst of the city´s arid weather. Diners swarm in to enjoy the spiciness of Sichuan cuisine. Mapo Tofu is one of their favorite dishes.

Secrets of the imperial kitchen

According to an old saying, food is God. Food has played an important role in China´s history as each region developed its own unique cuisine. The Qing imperial cuisifne, part of Beijing cuisine, is the most unique. The common people never knew how the emperor ate deep with the imperial palace. What did the emperors usually eat? What´s behind the famous Complete Manchu-Han banquet?

The king of sea cucumber and Fengzeyuan

Sea cucumber is one of the 8 major marine delicacies. "Food and Herbs" reads, "Sea cucumbers live in East and SOuth China Seas. They are worm-shaped, black and nutritious. They are a precious delicacy." Despite their dietetic and medicinal values, sea cucumber dishes aren´t easily favored due to the smell.

Minzu Hotel

In 1958, in the run-up to the 10 anni. of PRC, the CPPCC convened an enlarged meeting of the Political Bureau in the Beidaihe Resort. One item on the agenda was to discuss the plan for celebrations of the anni.. The meeting came to the decision of commissioning a group of landmark buildings, later known as Big Ten Buildings of BJ. Minzu Hotel is among them.

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