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Mei Lanfang Part 1

This photograph shows the most visual stunning aspect of peking Opera. The dance rutines of Peking Opera were invented at the beginning of the last century. This edition changed the Chinese people´s habit of listening to operatic performences, but not watching them.This unique Chinese artistry left a strong impression on the whole world. A school of opera, and its aethestic standard that had been routine to the stage, came into being. Peking opera is a national treasure. Through its magnificence and beauty, we can witness the Chinese people´s pursuit of beauty over thousands of years and come to understand its great appeal nearly a century ago. The person who created this miracle was Mei Lanfang.

Mei Lanfang Part 2

In May,1924, a distinguished guest arrived in Beijing, he was Rabindranath Tagore, a famous Indian poet and writer. May 8th was his 63rd birthday. As a birthday gift to him, members of the society led by Chinese scholar Xu Zhimo performed his play Chitra at Beijing´s Xiehe Theater. Many cultural celebrities came to watch the play. They are surprised to see that Mei Lanfang sitting at their sight. Tagore thanked Mei for his coming, and said he was delighted to see his own play in China and further hoped to catch one of Mei´s shows before leaving. So on August 15th, Mei performed his new show- Goddess of the Luo River for Tagore.

Mei Lanfang Part 3

Shanghai, the most famous port in China had flourished for over 100 years. Perhaps it´s because Shanghai people have seen so much, that these days its people have forgotten how busstling the wharf leading to the bund was one August around 74 years ago. That was the day that Mei Lanfang returned home after a successful tour of the United States. Neither his domestic fans nor his colleagues have seen him for 6 months. Photographs showed that Mei´s artistic career would be smoother and more successful than ever. However, just one year later, a disaster was going to change his fate. It was only just the beginning.