Poetry was very popular in the early 1980s.And a brand new literary school called the " Scar Literature" which depicted the pains caused by the Cultural Revolution also caused a stir around the nation.

>>The Scar



From early 1980s, people were gradually released from restrictive and stubborn ideas, they started to get out of China to learn new things, accept controversial Phenomena .

>>A Beijing Native in New York

>>College Entrance Examination


The new China has promulgated nine sets of radio gymnastics since 1951. It is an exercise that doesn´t need any sports equipments when one is practicing with the radio music.

>>Radio Gymnastics

>> Li Ning


With the adoption of opening-up and reform policy in 1983, people were encouraged to start their own business in stead of staying at one workplace for their life time.

>> Ten-thousand yuan household (Wan Yuan Hu)

>>Plunging into Business Sea(Xia Hai)


In the eary years of the 1980s, people who had been used to revolutionary songs began to listen to fast-paced popular music and dance with disco music, they soon became a way of entertainment especially for young people.

>> Popular Song

>> Disco


"Iron rice bowl" is a term used to refer to an occupation with guaranteed job security, steady income and benefits. In the 1980s, this was the symble of one´s social status and a final goal after college graduation.

>> The Iron Bowel

>> Shoulder Pads

More than 3 decades ago, China opened its door for new things and new thoughts, as a result, unprecedented changes took place in terms of almost every aspects: transportation, science, culture, the way of life...The following groups of picture combo are showcasing how our lives changed.