Editor's Not- 6-part Documentary: Experiencing China

Nowadays, foreigners living and working in China are commonplace in cosmopolitan cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Exotic stage acts and imported technologies all have, to varying degrees, an influence on Chinese life. Many of the foreigners in China today have come in search of opportunities for a new life. The country´s economic achievements and brilliant prospects, and the vitality of everyday life, all combine to give them ample reason to stay here. What´s the reasons for the following foreigners to stay in China, and what they are interested in Chinese culture? How do they feel like living in China? Let´s find out together...

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Morgan and martial arts

On the evening of August 8, 2008, the 29th Olympic Games opened in Beijing, American youngster Morgan, who at the time was learning Chinese martial arts, was shocked by the performances and how they highlighted ancient oriental culture. The fantastic programs, especially the wushu performances, caught Morgan´s eyes...

Jade carving in Yangmei

The Chinese interest in Jade influenced English youngster Cal to make the trip to Yangmei and experience the mystery of jade carving. In the following week, Cal will try to find a master whom he will learn basic jade carving skills from...

A foreign Tianqiao performer

He is a Frenchman of African decent, who is particularly fond of Chinese culture. As a Kungfu graduate from the Beijing Sports University, he has starred in many Chinese action films. Benza speaks fluent Chinese and is a big fan of China...

Foreign apprentice and porcelain making

In the morning, women workers at Hongguanyao Ceramic Co., Ltd. concentrated on their usual work. Among them is a blond foreigner. Focused and skillful, he appears proficient. People can´t help but wonder who he is and why he has come here?

Coana´s learning tour in Ice City

Facing the snow sculptures in Harbin, Coana can hardly believe his eyes. Coana says he likes the glittering and translucent sculptures a lot. He decides to find a teacher and learn how to carve ice sculputres here....

Yangzhou fried rice

Shortly after the 2008 Beijing Olympic Game ended, Swedish youngster Christoph Ineichen arrived in Yangzhou. His aim was to fulfill a special dream.

Symbols of China in foreigners' eyes More

What are the most representative of Chinese culture? How do you interprete "Made in China"? The following items are selected by some foreigners who deem they are symbols of China.