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Walking Table Part 1- Hangzhou

"A Bite of China" not only has it sparked a growing food craze, but also interest in Chinese culture and cuisine. Today, we travel along the Grand Canal of China, filming the creation of gourmet delights. In the impressively diverse cuisine styles lies the culture of China. It´s another voyage of food and culture.

Famous Chinese Dishes

Dongpo Pork

Su Dongpo, one of eight most famous writers, is also famous for his verse, calligraphy and painting. Additionally, Su is also special at cooking. When he was degraded to Huangzhou for offending emperor, he always cooked by himself to enjoy with his friend.

Dragon Well Shrimp Kernel

The material of "Dragon Well Shrimp Kernel" is large live river shrimp, cooked with fresh tea newly grown up around Chinese Tomb-sweeping Day.

Squirrel-Shaped Mandarin Fish

Squirrel-Shaped Mandarin Fish is the most famous, legendary both home and abroad. The Mandarin Fish is characterized by its lack of bones and the softness of its meat.

Yangzhou fried rice

Also named Yangzhou egg fried rice, Yangzhou fried rice is a simple homemade dish, made from leftover rice and other dishes.

steamed stuffed bun

Fuchun tea house located at the Desheng bridge of Yangzhou is a famous one-hundred old shop. It was established in 1885. It forms the combination of flowers, tea, desserts and dishes, is excellent in color, fragrance and smell and wins by the leisure, quietness, elegance and suitability gradually through the efforts of several generations.