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CCTV-9 DOCU SURVEY     (Total Votes:Loading
Age group:
29 or under
50 or above
Highest Educational Achievement:
High School or lower
Undergraduate degree
Postgraduate degree
Q1: Have you watched the CCTV Documentary Channel in the last six months?
Yes (Skip to Q3)
No (Continue to Q2)
Q2: Why haven’t you watched the CCTV Documentary Channel in the last six months?
Didn’t know about it/no access
The programs don’t come on at a convenient time
It costs too much
I’m not interested in the programs
Too many commercials
Cultural/political difference hard to understand
Language barrier
The quality of the programs is poor
Q3: How did you find out about the CCTV Documentary Channel?
It’s on my cable service
Heard it about it from others
Read about it in a newspaper, magazine or cable company’s literature
Through radio or LED advertising screens
Through other TV channels
Through Internet website or blog
Through an international TV festival or exhibition
Q4: How often do you watch the CCTV Documentary Channel?
Once a month or less
Once a week
Nearly every day
Q5: What time of day do you usually watch the CCTV Documentary Channel?
Before dawn
Late night
Q6: What are your favorite types of documentary?
Nature and Animals
Culture and History
Real Life Stories
Science and Exploration
Social Issues
Q7: Why do you watch the CCTV Documentary Channel?
To learn about Chinese history, culture and society
To learn about the history, culture and geography of other countries
To learn more and improve my skills
For entertainment/relieve boredom
Q8: How do you decide whether to watch a documentary?
The program is in a convenient time slot
I like the visual aspects of the program
The program concerns current affairs
The program is recommended by someone
The previews and promotions made it sound interesting
The program is related to my own country
I am familiar with the director’s work
Hard to say
Q9: What is your overall opinion of the CCTV Documentary Channel?
Not so good
Q10: What do you like about the CCTV Documentary Channel?
Wide range of topics and great content
Great documentaries from around the world
Profound influence of Chinese culture
Great cinematography
English subtitles
Few commercial interruptions
Wide availability
Good program scheduling and few reruns
No presenters between programs
Q11: What needs to be improved about the CCTV Documentary Channel?
Fewer reruns
Greater variety
Better video or audio quality
More previews of upcoming programs
Better, more modern style of narration
Better program scheduling
Presenters needed to introduce programs
More Chinese character in programming