About Time Photograph

This ten-part series is about the stories behind ten famous Chinese photographers. Different background, different styles, different angles, but with the same aim- Recording historic moments and telling people how society changes through time...

Photographer An Ge

An Ge´s pictures

An Ge, a professional photographer in Guangzhou, spent 7 years as an educated urban youth in the countryside before becoming a photographer.

Photographer Wang Fuchun

Chinese People on Trains

After graduation, Wang Fuchun began a life on the railways that has now spanned several decades.

Photographer Wang Dabin

The last fishing village

Shicao is the name of a fishing village that was once on the outskirts of Dalian.

Photographer Ren Xihai

Compound No.10

Ren Xihai, a photographer, grew up in Compound No. 10 in Qingdao. In the 1980s he began taking photos of the people around him, recording their lives.

Photographer Li Xiaobin

Preserved for history

These images often seen in documentaries of recent Chinese history. People´s facial expressions reflect the time, in which they live in photos like these remind us of Li Xiaobin.

Photographer Wu Jialin

Photographer in the remote countryside

Over the past forty years, documentary photographer Wu Jialin has never turned his eyes away from the place where he lives.

Photographer Yu Haibo

Time photograph- Half seawater half flame

Over the past two decades, photographer Yu Haibo with his unique sensitivity to the city...

Photographer Wang Zheng

Forever Xihaigu

This is Xihaigu. The photographer Wang Zheng, who belongs to the Hui ethnic group has been watching this place since 1995.

Photographer Hu Wugong

Migrant wheat harvesters

For decades, migrant wheat harvesters came here each May like migratory birds. Photographer Hu Wugong started taking photos of them in the early 1980s.

Photographer Chen Jin

Teahouse transform

For the old people of Chengdu, visiting a traditional teahouse used to be part of life. Chen JIn took many pictures of their visits. Now, those times have faded into the past.