Documentary- Under The Foreign Sky

Nowadays, there is an increasing number of foreign people choose to live in China as China become more and more important both in politic and economy.Why do they want to live in China? What attracts them to settle down in China? Maybe the delicious food, friendly Chinese people, beautiful landscapes, or any other reasons. Anyway, most of them live a happy life in China, and share their stories with Chinese friends...

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1.Are you a foreigner living in China? What is the reason for you choose to live here?
Lots of Opportunities and earning a job
Delicious Chinese food
Want to learn Chinese much better
Beautiful landscapes
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Part 1- Belgian cuisine in China-Morel and his restaurants

Renaat Morel, a Belgian born to a chef family. He married a Chiese wife and settled down in Beijing. He runs two restaurants named after him and is the president of Bejing Morel Group, which focuses on food and beverage, trading, consulting and legal services, etc. The secret of his success is: Employee comes first.

Part 2- American Zhang´s happiness index

It was 1975 when Lao Zhang first came, at a time when few foreigners lived in China. His parents were working here at the invitation of the China International Publishing Group. Lao Zhang came to visit his parents, and it was his first encounter with this alien land.

Part 3- Will,a British in Beijing

Beijing is an international metropolis. It gathers together people and cuisines from around the world. Will has been living in the city for 13 years. With perseverance and curiosity, he has been tracing local customs, old and famous brands, and delicacies. Will hopes to write a book about his understanding of the different cuisines.

Part 4- Living it slow in a hutong

This is Cafe Seduction, in #14 Mao´er Hutong. You can kill time here, doing nothing. You can look at the cats, listen to crows flying over, chat, drink, or party with friends. The 1930s Shanghai and Prague are our inspirations. We´re getting there. We need to work hard to make it happen. This is a comment left by the owners of a cafe on They are Philippe and Marian, both from the Czech Republic.

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