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Part 1- The origin of Changbai Mountain

Every river is made up of droplets of water. The Yalu River is no exception. In ancient times, the Yau River was called the Mazi River. The Book of Han says that the Mazi River converged with the Yantan River in the northwest and joined the sea in the southwest. The name of Yalu was used from the mid-8th Century onwards.

Part 2- The mighty Yalu River

The Yalu River runs all the way from Changbai Muntain to the southeast. After 795km, it mingles with the vast Yellow Sea at 124.9°E, 39.49°N. Four cascade hydroelectric power plants have been built across the main body of the Yalu River. In order of the flow of the current, they are the Yunfeng, Weiyuan, Shuifeng and Taipingwan power plants.

Part 3- Time and tide

The Yalu River possesses not only a magnificent landscape but also a long and rich cultural history. From the remains of ancient human activities to the cultural legacy of various ethnic groups, the socio-cultural changes have been embedded in this surging river. As we lean down and gently brush away the dust of the past to piece together the fragmented memories...

Part 4- The setting sun

On May 3, 1943,scores of soldiers and policemen suddenly appeared in the streets of Andong. Pedestrians were dispersed and shops were closed down by force. An important person would arrive in Andong.He was the emperor of Manchukuo Aisin-Gioro Puyi. With Japan´s support, the puppet regime of Manchukuo had survived for 11 years.

Part 5- Lives along the river

When the sun rises form behind the mountain, a new day starts for the people that live along the Yalu River. The Changbai Korean Autonomoous County is the first county on the China-side. The winding river separates it from Korea´s Hyesan City.

Part 6- Rushing to the sea

This bridge connects Changbai County in China and Hyesan in the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea. It was the first bridge across the Yalu River. China refers to it as the Changbai Bridge, and the DPRK calls it the Hyesan Bridge. It is known by the international community as the border bridge between Changbai and Hyesan.

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The Yalu River lies between China and North Korea as a boundary river, starting from Baitou Mountain, the highest peak of Changbai Mountains on the border of the two countries in the southeast of Jilin Province in China and running southwestward into the sea at Donggou County in Dandong City of Liaoning Province.