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Part 1- Yao Ming is coming

In 2009, the most important sports-related event took place in the sports history in Shanghai- Yao Ming purchased the Shanghai Sharks Basketball Club and became the owner of the Shanghai Maxxis Mens´ Basketball Team

Part 2- Defeated themselves

Christmas 2009, and every Shanghai Sharks player received a box of choclate as a christmas gift from the club. For basketball fans in Beijing, that Christmas gift was an exicting match.

Part 3- Perseverance

Yao Ming watched last game in Beijing through the glass window through the VIP room, but there´s no such VIP at Tianjin Gymnasium, so Yao Ming had to watch the game with the spectators.In fact, Yao doesn´t like flaunting himself for showing off, especially in public. But he wants to be with his team.

Part 4- A Great Rivalry

"The past few years since we last won the championship, we´ve been neck and neck with Bayi. Neither team has been able to open up the score. It´s always been like this." "The Bayi team used to be the team we model ourselves after. Gradually they became our biggest obstacle towwards winning a CBA title."

Part 5- Bench Depth

Owens was the last person to join the Shanghai team. He come from the Colorado. In addition to analysing basketball skills and strategies, Owens was also a poet, he published a book of poetry- Desert Alien.

Part 6- Fighting back from the brink

It was the 2009-2010 semi-finals between the Sharks and defending champions- The Southern Tigers. With two games at home with the Tigers, then two at home from the Sharks. The Sharks had not been doing well for years since Yang Ming´s departure, and early lost two games of the series. Most people thought the Sharks were doom.

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