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Faces of Africa 09/17/2012 Living the chimurenga life

09-17-2012 02:56 BJT

Woman at Prince Claus Award said:"Now finally the moment that we've all been waiting for, the presentation of the 2012 principal award. May I please invite to the stage once again His Royal Highness, Prince Constantine."

In 2011, one of the world’s most prestigious global arts and culture awards was given to a small and relatively unknown magazine run from Cape Town, South Africa.

Prince Constantine said:"11 awards,11 outstanding personalities and organisations. Today however, the biggest praise goes to Ntone Edjabe of Chimurenga as winner of the Prince Claus Awards."

Ntone’s past has been a long and unusual one.

Prince Constantine said:"He's a writer and a DJ who attended University of Lagos but was educated by a Nigerian musician and radical thinker, Fela Kuti. Chimurenga means ‘struggle for liberation’ in Zimbabwe’s Shona language. It's an important magazine about culture, music and politics, and it's also an innovative Pan African cultural platform based in South Africa."

Special edition "Chronic" against Xenophobia in South Africa was posted everywhere

Ntone Edjabe said:"I was born in Cameroon, I was born in Douala and I grew up there. My father worked as an electrician, so wherever he was sent to work we would go with him, so I got to know the country quite well."

Prince Constantine said:"Chimurenga offers fresh interpretations, analysis, poetry, experimental texts and visual materials by leading creative thinkers and radical practitioners in a multiplicity of disciplines from Africa and elsewhere."

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