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Rewi Alley Episode One

Rewi Alley was born in Springfield, on the South Island of New Zealand in 1879. He came to China in 1927. Alley joined the Shanghai Marxism Study Group in the 1930s, and supported the underground revolution of the Communist Party of China.

Rewi Alley Episode Two

It was during the war that Rewi Alley encounters the Chinese people for the first time. They were farmers, from Shandong Province, soon been sent to the European front as members of a labor corp. They were quite unlike the small and phisically weak people Rewi Alley had imagined Chinese people to be.

Rewi Alley Episode Three

It was on the train to Suiyuan that Rewi Alley first met Edgar Snow, the meeting marked the start of a half-century long friendship. Edgar Snow was five years younger than Alley, he had arrived in China in 1926. He originally planned to stay for just 6 weeks, eventually, he remained in the country for 13y...

Rewi Alley Episode Four

Under the help of Song sisters, Rewi Alley, together with Edgar Snow and Helan Snow founded Chinese Industrial Cooperatives in the late 1930s. The Cooperatives got a rapid development because it was supported by all the political forces in China.

Rewi Alley Episode Five

From 1941 onwards, Inflation was increasing on a daily basis and prices were soaring. This severely affected industrial production. So the industrial cooperatives movement steadily declined.

Rewi Alley Episode Six

Rewi Alley decided to travel to access the situation in Gansu. On their way, a small rural town named Shandan attracted the attention of Rewi Alley. To Rewi Alley, Shandan was the ideal place for his school...

Rewi Alley Episode Seven

Early in 1951, Rewi Alley as head master of the Shandan Baillie School, travelled to Beijing to attend the first national meeting of the Chinese industrial and coorperative movement. It was the first time he left Shandan since the death of his great friend George Hogg...