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Travel in Chinese Lesson 55 Dumpling

07-27-2010 11:59 BJT


(opening scene: cousin, Xiaojie and friend meet at the entrance to the square courtyard)

cousin/friend: Haven’t seen you for a long time. How have you been? (small talk)

cousin: This is my cousin’s daughter, Xiaojie. Xiaojie, this is Aunt Wang.

Xiaojie: Hello Aunt Wang!

friend: Such a pretty girl! Come on. Please come inside.

Xiaojie: Aunt, aunt Wang’s courtyard is really interesting; it’s totally different to my house.

cousin: Ms Wang, the kids today have no idea what it’s like to live in a square courtyard.

friend: Yes, what fun we had when we were little. We’d catch crickets in summer, make snowmen in winter, and if anyone had made something nice to eat, we’d all share it.

cousin: Yes, even back then I loved coming to your house for dumplings. I remember your dumplings were especially tasty.

friend: Haha, you still remember. Great! Well today I’ll make dumplings for you.

Xiaojie: Great! I love dumplings. At Chinese New Year, dad makes dumplings for my mum and me.

(at home, on the sofa)

friend: Wait, I’ll go and get something for you.

Xiaojie: Aunt, is she an old friend of yours?

cousin: Yes, we used to be neighbors when we were kids. Later she went overseas, so your aunt hasn’t seen her for a long time.

friend: Here’s some candy, sunflower seeds and peanuts. Help yourselves. I’ll go and make dumplings for you.

Xiaojie: Auntie, let me help you make them.

friend: Oh? Do you know how?

Xiaojie: No, but I want to learn.

cousin: Then let’s make them together. They taste better when you make them yourselves.

(they make dumplings)

cousin: That’s alright, Xiaojie. Just do it slowly. Try another one.

Xiaojie: (says while making dumplings)I think dumplings are shaped like ears. Look! (puts dumpling next to ear)

friend: You don’t say? The older folks used to say, if you eat dumplings, your ears won’t get frostbite in winter.

Xiaojie: That’s why they look like ears. (the two adults laugh)

(dumplings are served)

friend: Come on, Xiaojie, eat up. But be careful. They’re hot!

Xiaojie: They’re so delicious. Look, I made this one. (shots of eating dumplings)

Xiaojie: Hey, this dumpling has a sweet inside.

cousin: Aunt Wang put it in specially, hope your future will be sweet as candy.

Xiaojie: That’s interesting Sweets can make filling too.

cousin: Not just sweets. During Chinese New Year, some people put coins in dumplings.

Xiaojie: Coins? How do you eat them? How dirty!

friend: You don’t really eat them. But if you get one of these dumplings during Chinese New Year, it means you’ll have a lucky year and make lots of money.

Xiaojie: Is that for real? Auntie, did you make one of these dumplings today? Let me try to find one. (they laugh and eat dumplings)

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