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Uncovering the Mystery of the Stone Dragons

In September 2002, according to the expert’s conclusion, a group of ancient stone dragons were unearthed from the Sleeping Dragon Slope in Jiangyao Village of Handan Cicy in Hebei Province, China. Among them the largest stone dragon is about 369 m in length, 2.5 m in height and 4.6 m in width. Full Story >>

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Archaeological Discoveries on the Central Plains

The Central Plains of China refer to the area on the lower reaches of the Yellow River which formed the cradle of Chinese civilization. In its narrowest sense, the Central Plain covers modern-day Henan, the southern part of Hebei, the southern part of Shanxi, and the western part of Shandong province.

The Untouched Imperial Tomb

Two magnificent tombs, the Qianling Mausoleum of Tang emperor Wu Zetian, and Maoling Mausoleum of Han emperor Wudi, both to tens of thousands of workers more than half century to build, and both up lead to be filled with untold riches.

The Lost Oasis on the Silk Road

The Silk Road – it’s a name that conjures up thoughts of romance and adventure. Perhaps the most famous trade route of all time, it wound its way through the deserts and mountains of China’s northwest, across Western and Central Asia, and on to the Middle East, Europe and Africa.