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Jiang´an National Drama School is located in Southwest China´s Sichuan Province, witnessed the life-and-death relocation of Chinese dramatists during the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression.

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600 Years of Kunqu Opera

Kunqu Opera is one of the most popular forms of traditional opera in China today. Kunqu Opera can trace its origins back to the late Ming Dynasty and a small town south of the Yangtze, called Kunshan. In some quarters, Kunqu Opera is regarded as the ancestor of all opera in China.

China´s Contemporary Painters

It is hard for people to go beyond the society in which they live, and even harder to go beyond their own conceptions. But such is art. Whether for the individual or history, going beyond conceptions represents a breakthrough.

The Westernization of Chinese Opera

Looking Back to the 100-year history, from formerly "new school drama"of "Spring Willow Drama Club" to the recent "avant-garde drama", from "civilized drama" of late Qing Dynasty and Early Republic of China to modern "large scale scenery play" , Chinese drama are displaying a great changes of China´s politics, economy and culture during this 100 years.

Discovery of Folk Arts

Chinese folk art is expressed in many different ways: embroidery, textiles, paper-cuts, masks, wood-carving, ceramics, and more. Each minority group has its particular way of expressing these art forms, but there are many common characteristics: strong colors, solid images, uspicious themes, rich and genuine compositions, exaggerated expressions, and metaphors.