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Excavation of the Terra Cotta Warriors site continues

The much anticipated third excavation of the Terra Cotta Warriors site in northwest China´s Shaanxi Province kicked off Sunday. As the excavation continues, a team of Chinese archaeologists are now working hard on reinforcing the color paintings, unearthed on June the 13th.

The third excavation of Terra Cotta begins

Excavation work on the Chinese archeological wonder that is home of the "Terra Cotta" army -- is underway again. There are still many exciting treasures waiting to be unearthed over three decades after the first excavation of the famous site. And some twenty four years after the second excavation of the ancient burial ground.

More terra-cotta warriors to rise from earth

Archaeologists will begin a third phase of excavation at the famous terracotta army site on Saturday, hoping to find more clay figures and unravel some of the mysteries left behind by the "First Emperor".

More digging to begin for Terra Cotta Warriors

The silent guardians of the tomb of Chinese emperor Qinshihuang are among the most important archeological finds of the 20th century. In the more than three decades since the underground legions of Terra Cotta Warriors were unearthed, millions from China and around the world have visited this eighth wonder of the world.