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The last days of Dr. Sun Yat-sen(1)

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In October, 1911, a revolution broke out in China that overthrough the Qing Dynasty. The end of China´s last imperial dynasty brought the curtain down of more than 2000 years feudal monarchy. In the wake of 1911 revolution, the Republic of China was founded. The leader of the great revolution was Dr. Sun Yat-sen, he would go on to serve as the first of the Republic of China.

The last days of Dr. Sun Yat-sen (2)

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Before long, however, he was finding a difficult to maintain his grip on power. Large areas of the country were under the control of powerful warlords. In 1924, he decided to travel north to Beijing. His aim was to hold consultations with the warlord and ensure that the national assembly could be held. On his way to Beijing, however, he fell gravely ill.

The last days of Dr. Sun Yat-sen (3)

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In January 1925, Sun Yat-sen was taken to Peking Uni-medical College Hospital. There, he was diagnosed with liver cancer in its final stages. As in last resort, the hospital began to administer radiation therapy and desperatel attempt to prevent the cancer cells from spreading.