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06-18-2012 00:02 BJT

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So-called levitation photography is a growing trend in Indonesia. Heavily promoted through social media, the challenge is to snap pictures that make their subjects seem to defy gravity but there’s no real trickery involved, just an energetic model and a fast shutter speed. Jeremy Spiro-winn has more.

A group of Indonesian photographers have gathered downtown in the capital to shoot photos of people floating off the ground. This is the Indonesian Levitation Photography club, which aims to capture models as if they are levitating in an otherwise ordinary environment. The club was founded in December 2011 and has since swelled to some 3,000 members nationwide. The club’s membership is not limited to seasoned professionals though. Many are younger photographers, hobbyists, and models lured in by the trend. All are welcome...

Anggun Adi, Founder, Levitation photography club: "This is a community for those who are into levitation photography. Our members are not only photographers, but also people who have a passion or interest in becoming models that can jump and pose as if levitating or flying in a photograph. Any device can be used to take the pictures."

Before a photo shoot, club members first select their location, model and theme. 40-year-old photo hobbyist Tubagus Apif, who prefers using mobile phones and tablet computers, says that levitation photography has a number of challenges. The aim is to create the impression that the model really is flying.

Tubagus Apif, Levitation photographer: "The challenge is to get the perfect levitation photograph - where the model’s face, hair and other details really give the impression that the model is levitating. And when someone levitates while others around him walk normally, it looks as if that person comes from another world."

Dina Dwi Kosasih enjoys being a model on the club’s field trips. It may sound like a simple job, but it’s a lot more complicated than simply jumping into the air. Her tricks include keeping her hair neat and using pins for her skirt and blouse for a realistic effect.

Professional photographer Timur Angin argues that although levitation photography probably won’t develop into a whole new genre, the unique photographic approach can lend itself to both personal and commercial photography. He also appreciates the teamwork it demands between model and photographer.

Timur Angin: "Levitation photographers must be able to find a good and artistic angle that can produce a sense of gravity. Meanwhile levitation models also have to act and pretend as if they are flying and playing with gravity, and the resulting image should not give the impression that it is just a trick."

The levitation photography club may have only been around in Indonesia for a short time, but its strong presence in social media has led to increasing public interest. And as interest in the club builds, so does its work. Right now it’s working to come up with challenging, new poses and promote the use of elaborate props. No wonder this is a soaring trend.

Editor:Wang Shuo |Source: CNTV.CN

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