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International eye on Party Congress

11-08-2012 13:58 BJT Special Report:18th CPC National Congress |

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By CCTV reporter Hou Na

Journalists from around the world are in Beijing to cover what’s been called the most important event in Chinese politics in a decade.

Focusing on China, their interest in the party congress covers a wide range beyond the CPC leadership change.From environmental protection to economic restructuring,from cultural reform to food safety

This all demonsrates the foreign media’s growing and more diversified interest in China.

Sari Taussi has been here for just two months. It’s her first political event in China. She knows what happens here affects the rest of the world.

Sari Taussi, Asia Bureau Chief of Finnish Broadcasting Group, said," As far as I have met Chinese people, they seem to be quite happy with their economic development..But on the other hand, maybe the side effect of the development are not so positive, like environmental problems, inequalities as a European, I’m more interested in the policies that will affect outside China like the environmental policies."

Sari Taussi, Asia Bureau Chief of Finnish Broadcasting Group

This Australian cameraman always carries photos of the leaders so he knows who’s who.

James Bayliss-Smith, cameraman of Australian News, said,"I’m a cameraman, I’ve got really rare opportunities to film Chinese politicians, so today I have to make sure that I got all the shots and make sure we use them for the next five years. "

James Bayliss-Smith, cameraman of Australian News

Hou Na, Beijing, said," More than 1700 reporters from over 3 hundred news agencies all around the globe gathered here in China to cover the most important event in China’s political life. The number alone shows their growing interest in the changing China and its rising influence on the international community."

China’s political transition is making headlines across the world.

And its ability to maintain its economic growth --will influence the world economy.

The country is the biggest foreign holder of US governemnt debt, and the biggest investor in Africa.

Muiruri Joseph, editor of The People Daily, Kenya, said,"Economic growth is number one, because that’s what the African countries will benefit from. So that we will have free access to trade with China, that helps improve people’s livelihood back home."

Muiruri Joseph, editor of The People Daily, Kenya

This National Party Congress has drawn many more reporters than the last one, five years ago.

They say it’s not just the economy, but also the international influence under China’s new leadership.




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