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Bangkok floods affect infrastructure

11-10-2011 08:35 BJT

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In Bangkok, the floods lasting months have caused great damage to the country and the lives of the people. The infrastructure of Thailand has been deeply affected.

The daily struggle to move around in Bangkok.

Residents wait for the shuttle services that are their lifeline into the parts of the capital that are now submerged.

It is a constant struggle living like this. A taxi service is being operated by huge army trucks…people rush to get aboard.

This is an essential for those who would otherwise be stranded. But public transport is still operating too. Bangkok’s fleet of aged buses, struggling on through the water.

A man takes rest under a Thai national flag outside his flooded residence in Bangkok
November 9, 2011.

Many of the modern buses are too low to be able to do this. And the elevated railway, the skytrain, operating too.

People rest on sand bags prepared to make barriers for floods in Bangkok's suburbs
November 9, 2011.

This station, Mochit, the only one in the flood zone for now. And miraculously the underground railway has yet to be affected. Designed to withstand floods of 2 meters, all stations are still open. Beyond this point however, the only way to get around is by boat or truck.

Our destination, the ministry of energy has become the center of the governments relief operation. Compared to the waterworld outside, it is an island of tranquility. Inside, different government bureaus struggle to find the best ways to combat the floods….but they are confident central Bangkok can still be saved.

Thai residents ride boats along chest-high floods at their community in Bangkok,
Thailand on Wednesday Nov. 9, 2011.

The success of that plan will depend on this, Bang Sue canal…currently the last line of defense.

Residents watch anxiously at the rising and rapid waters.

If the water breaks these banks, there is little to stop it flowing to the heart of the city.


Editor:Zhang Jingya |Source: CNTV.CN

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