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China releases 1st report on danger of smoking

05-30-2012 21:19 BJT Special Report:World No Tobacco Day |

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Thursday marks the 25th World No Tobacco Day. China has released its first report on the danger of smoking, as well as an explanation of the country's tobacco control measures.

The report deals with the health hazards of smoking, pointing out that the global tobacco epidemic kills nearly 6 million people each year. More than 600-thousand of those deaths are due to second-hand smoke. It also fears that without strong action, this number will jump to 8 million by 2030. Of course, more than 80 percent will live in low-and middle-income countries.

In China, according to the report, the number of smoking-related deaths each year has exceeded 1 million. The report also suggests that second-hand smoke has become an increasing concern in China's tobacco control efforts, as it kills around 100-thousand people each year. It shows that nearly 750 million Chinese people are now exposed to second-hand smoke. However, the report says, there are still two thirds of the Chinese population who are unaware of its dangers, and the only way to avoid second-hand smoke is imposing an comprehensive smoking ban in indoor spaces.


Editor:Bai Yang |Source: CNTV.CN