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Turkish public opposes military intervention in Syria

09-03-2013 15:27 BJT Special Report: Crisis in Syria |

In Istanbul, hundreds of people who oppose involvement have formed a "human chain" in honor of Turkey’s World Peace Day. Although the Turkish government says it would support military intervention in Syria, public opinion is not fully in favor of it.

Hundreds of people, who in June took part in the anti-government movement that began with the Gezi Park protests, organized a peaceful rally in Istanbul. Their aim - to voice their opposition of a military intervention into Syria.

Some members of Turkeys’ main opposition, the Republican People’s Party,also participated in the demonstration, calling attention to the need for peaceful democracies.

Akif Hamzacebi, Dep. Chairman of Republic People's Party, Turkey, said, "The number of democratic countries in the world is increasing, yet despite this fact, the number of global conflicts and wars across nations is also still rising. In such a climate, a demonstration for peace becomes much more meaningful We are here to emphasize this."

Selen Uzeroglu Kaya, who is present with her family, holding her newborns’hand, says the timing of this demonstration is significant.

Selen Uzeroglu Kaya, media specialist, said, "Turkish needs translation: Syria, different parts of the world, no matter their language, religion or color, people are dying. And while we can’t do much, we are here, because we believe, our voices can at least be heard with love."

The demonstration was joyous with children blowing bubbles, people singing songs and the occasional chanting for others to join the action. Among the participating groups was also the Bogazici Jazz Chorus - which became famous for it’s original GeziPark song, now familiar to many.

However when demonstrators reached Taksim Square, the center of the protests in June, security forces blocked the roads leading to Gezi Park, causing tension between police and demonstrators. Now a common scene in the area.

Though some oppose a military intervention into Syria, the reality is that Prime Minister Erdogan has been openly calling for a U.S. led international effort to topple Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad. Turkish people are now anxiously waiting to see what Turkeys’ next move will be following a decision from the U.S. Congress.

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