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Africa must seek int'l financial support to challenge climate change

10-24-2013 08:32 BJT

To Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where officials from across the African continent have wrapped up their summit on climate change. They say African countries must make the issue central to their planning. And that Africa must seek international financial support.

Climate change is arguably the biggest threat facing Africa.And the delegates here have no doubt of the challenge in trying to find an answer.

Bwalya William, Zambian Delegate, said, "We just have to have all stake holders, the private sector everybody involved in it to push their governments so that they can show their political will to start moving together and going to sustainable development other than unsustainable management of the resources that we have’

Still, if anyone can find the answer...these people might.More than 500 experts massed in Ethiopia’s capital - among them scientists, researchers and civil society groups.The conference was organised by the African Union Commission, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and the African Development Bank.

Girum Chala, Addis Ababa, said, "The theme: climate change is a threat - but it also can be an opportunity. There is money available for adapting to climate change - Africa just needs a coherent strategy to tap those funds."

Antoine Faye, Clean Energy Investment Initiative, said, "Now what Africa is trying to find out is how to access those funds and who is going to be entitled into those funds and where those fund are going to come."

The next step is the global conference on climate change - scheduled next month in Poland.Many of the delegates here are hoping to head there.

And they say, they’ll be pushing the developed world for billions of dollars- to pay for Africa’s climate change plans.


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