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Yang Jiechi meets with US envoy on regional issues

01-22-2014 19:56 BJT

By CCTV reporter Zhang Nini

Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi has met with US Deputy Secretary of State Williang Burns in Beijing. The senior US diplomat is trying to help ease tensions in east Asia where territorial disputes, controversial war shrine visits in Japan and the DPRK nuclear issue continue to threaten stability in the region.

Yang Jiechi welcomed Burns in Zhong-nan-hai, the seat of the Chinese government on a date which coincides with the 35th anniversary of China-US diplomatic ties.

Yang Jiechi, Chinese State Councilor, said, "In the past year, bilateral relations have continued to steadily move forward. Now the international situation remains complex and intricate. China is willing to work with the US to advance bilateral ties for the benefit of our people, and people around the world."

Burns, on his part, reiterated the Obama administration’s commitment to develop positive and cooperative relationship with China.

That includes acting as a mediator to smoothen ties between China and the US ally in east Asia: Japan.

Tensions between the two Asian countries have soared in recent weeks, after Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited the controversial Yasukuni shrine, which honors a number of war criminals from World War 2. The visit, both by Abe and other Japanese officials, has been widely condemned in China.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea nuclear issue is also on the agenda. Having just come from a visit to South Korea, Burns urged Pyongyang to take active measures to denuclearize, and remained committed for the resumption of the six party talks.

William Burns, US Deputy Secretary of State, said, "The US and ROK and shared a lot of concerns about the recent behavior of the DRRK leadership, and the dangers of further reckless behaviour and provocations in the future. As I said, both of us remain committed to the resumption of credible and authentic negotiations aimed at denuclearization."

As a key party in the talks, China has also called for both sides on the Korean Peninsula to show goodwill and improve bilateral relations.

Regarding tensions between China and Japan, some Chinese analysts believe that Burn’s diplomatic efforts could be limited.

William Burns’ visit is seen as another diplomatic effort to mitigate the escalating tension between China and Japan. Ties have dropped to an all-time low since Abe’s visit to the Yasukuni Shrine. The final outcome of this visit is not clear, but experts believe it’s up to the Japanese government to make things right.


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