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Episode One- Bahrain, heavenly islands

The state of Bahrain covered an area over 700 square kilometers,most of which is desert,there is the Tree of Life living in the desert and many tourists come to Bahrain to see the tree and the relics nearby.

Episode Two- Unveiled women

Muslim women in all countries dress in compliance to the Islamic mandate that their bodies be covered from neck to ankles. Although Bahrain women dress quite differently. Unlike Iran or Saudi Arabia, Bahrain has no laws regulating women´s dress. Women are more publicly active in Bahrain than in most Arab countries. Many Bahraini women are not completely veiled; however, some still wear a head-covering in public.

Episode Three- Blue blood gallop

Horse racing is a sport which can dated back to one thousand years in Bahrain.It has 16 horse breeds,other countries just have one or two.Arabic horses have heads thinner than other kinds,Then the eyes.The bigger they are the better they look. Like human beings, big eyes are always favored.The tail is on the back,the better the horse is.

Episode Four- Kingdom of pearls

Bahrain may be the smallest Arab state, but it is perfectly proportioned and proud of its character, style and culture. Bahrain pearls are known for their beauty and purity. Their reputation is renowned all over the world. Historically, the world´s best pearls came from the Persian Gulf, especially around what is now Bahrain.

Episode Five- Sword of treasure

When King Abdullah arrived in Manama on a two-day historic visit to the Kingdom of Bahrain, Bahrain honored him by giving him the historic "Ajrab" sword of Imam Turki bin Abdullah, which the country has been keeping for 140 years...

Episode Six- Life at home

There is a fort market organized by the government in Northern Bahrain. At this government run market, people can participate and free trade, most are locals, and both buyers and sellers maintaining traditional conditions. As Bahrain is a small island country, many comodities have to be imported. However, this market is in excepion, most of the comodities are made in Bahrain and are very popular among visitors.

Episode Seven- Bahrain and China

It´s known as a joyful country for both residence and visitors. A very poor country over 80 years ago, the small Arabic island state has become one of the richest in the world. Oil, was the spring water of this change. But not the only one. What was then can be learned from this nation that so radically changed it´s destination?

Key facts on Bahrain


Bahrain is an Arabic word meaning "two seas" and refers to two facts: the island contains two sources of water, sweet water springs and salty water in the surrounding seas, and the island is separated from the Arabian coast by the southern and northern waters of the gulf.