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Part 1- World of flowers

Like exotic beads strung across the equator, Indonesia is an enchanting archipelago of gentle breezes carrying scents of spices and flowers, and clear blue seas lapping pristine beaches.

Part 2- Harmony in food

Indonesia is between the Pacific and Indian Ocean, it has a high temperature, so the trational Indonesia food is full with peppers, onion, ginger and garlic and very spicy. There are many spice markets in Indonesia. Many Chinese restaurants have very good development in a harmonious way here.

Part 3- Immigrants in Indonesia

Indonesia is an independent republic consisting of more than 17,500 islands spread over 3,400 miles along the Equator. The country has approximately 246,000,000 people and more than 300 ethnic groups. So Indonesia is regarded as an Immigration country.

Part 4- Songs from Indonesia

Music runs in the blood of Indonisian people and their music has traveled the globe. Some songs swept into China when the nation opened its doors to the world. Hendarmin Susilo openned a music production company with his friends in 1937.

Part 5- Life in Islamic boarding school (1)

Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world with nearly 200 million belivers, many of them receive education in Islamic bording schools. The gates of these shools are not often open for the young students. They are cut off from the out-side world.

Part 6- Life in Islamic boarding school (2)

Foreign language students in Islamic Boarding School of Indonesia must sent the National examination. The students in this school expect high marks,but they are uneasy.The boy in this school can not enter the girl´s dormitory.

Part 7- An island wedding

An Indonesian wedding program is a very important event. Count yourself fortunate if you´ve had the opportunity to attend an Indonesian wedding. The fascinating wedding ceremonies and festivities give you a unique opportunity to gain insight into Indonesian culture and social mores.