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Experiencing Japan Part 1- The timeless sage

Confucius is a great sage in China. Nowadays,there are several confucius temples around the country and they receives lots of visitors every day. Every Chinese festival, Nagasaki China town becomes a window to Chinese culture.

Experiencing Japan Part 2- Wrath of volcanoes

Japanese people have a very complex relationship with the volcano. After the 1792 eruption, spring water gushed out tranforming it a world famous destination.

Experiencing Japan Part 3- Living with volcanoes

Fugendakeo is one of the most active 12 volvanoes in Japan.Many people in Fugendakeo like taking a warm bath.To take a bath in the hotspring is good to one′s health. Japanese has kept this tradition for years.

Experiencing Japan Part 4- Women of their times

Japanese culture is unique as well as so distinguishing from the other Asian ethnicity and cultures. The place of women in Japanese society provides an interesting blend of illusion and myth. However, both men and women can make a better impression and show respect by understanding how women are viewed in Japan. The role of women in Japanese society will continue to evolve.

Experiencing Japan Part 5- Century fashion

The old women in centur of Japan about 75 years old on average, they always like to have unnomoral day to experice something that unusual: to wash their faces like children.

Experiencing Japan Part 6- Nagasaki gourmet

Nagasaki was Japan´s only window on the world and the first entry point for foreign cultures. As a result, many crafts reflect the city´s exotic flavor, and long-cultivated techniques continue to be in evidence in the outstanding products available today.

Experiencing Japan Part 7- Nursing homes in Japan

In Japan, a host of socio-cultural factors, including the availability and type of housing,the structure of families and the preferences of elderly people and their caregivers significantly influence both the demand for and the availability of long-term care services.

Experiencing Japan Part 8- Both familiar and unfamiliar

A lot of things in Japan may be unfamiliar to us, such as: wedding,transpotation, daily life and so on.On the other hand, there also has some things that familiair to us.

Experiencing Japan Part 9- Sun Yat-sen in Japan

In August 1915, a Janpanese couple preparing for Dr. Sun Yat-sen and Song Qingling. And this wedding was turn a new chapter in China modern history.