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Part 1- New China´s glory

Three Gorges Key Water Control Project, a globally remarkable achievement. It is a landmark in China´s modernisation and a magnificent feat of humanity in harnessing nature. Funds for the Three Gorges Project were raised by pooling the financial resources of the whole country.

Part 2- Power of policy and science

At the Nanning Meeting and Chengdu Meeting held in 1958, as the Central Government discussed the Three Gorges Project, there was a pressing question: How do people solve the issue of safety and defence in times of war? To protect the Three Gorges even those who held a different view contributed significantly. The whole decision-making process of the the Three Gorges Project has always been cautious. It was very open and very democratic. It considered input from every aspect during the decision-making process before it was established by legal procedure.

Part 3- Dam of the century

The Three Gorges Dam is the world´s largest dam, heaviest man-made structure, world´s largest concrete structure, and biggest electrical power plant, spanning the Yangtze River in Hubei province, China. At the beginning of building Dam, the central government decide not to set up a command headquarters for the project. It appointed an economic entity to fulfill the task. Traditionally, we were not business oriented. We spent money but weren´t concerned with the profit from the investment. This was a vital reform.

Part 4- Destiny of a country

Development-oriented relocation is an unprecedented problem. Government tried to help these immigrations of three Gorges catch up with the rest of the population building a society better-off and more wealthy. Even though Guangdong played an important role in the national economy, development was not balanced across the different regions. Some areas were under developed too. But they overcame the problem, mobilised resources and people, and provided comprehensive, large-scale, multi-departmental and robust support to the Three Gorges.

Part 5- Harnessing tides, rising China

Before the Three Gorges Dam was built, Hubei focused its attention on the cities along the Jingjiang River during the flood season from May to October. For about half a year, their work was focused on flood prevention. To protect people′s lives and their property was an important part of the government work. They had little time for development. After the Three Gorges Dam was built, the Anti-Flood Standard has been improved from one flood a decade to once a century.

Part 6- Everlasting gold

The Three Gorges Project is a great help to improve the communication and transportation system on the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. We have interlinked highways, water ways and railways along the watercourse. The flow of passengers and goods has much increased...