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Part 1: Life on Xisha Island

The group of Xisha Island is about 15,000 km² southeast of Hainai Province,together with the Dongsha, Nansha and Zhongsha islands.Going to the Xisha lslands is a difficult journey.Being seasick is really uncomfortable,it´s even more difficult to sleep.No wonder the Xisha islands has such a reputation for being hard to get to.

Part 2: History of Xisha Islands

China´s Xisha Islands is a mistery to most.It´s well know as a paradise of coral reefs and natural resources.The name of Xisha Islands were presented in the Map of Zheng He´s Voyage,called "Ten Thousands Miles of Stone Pond".

Part 3: Coral reefs, friends and foes

Since Xisha Islands are far offshore and rarely visited, the water around them is very clean, with a visibility of 40 meters. Xisha has a long stretch of continuous coral reefs.

Part 4: Survival underwater, Xisha Islands

The Xisha Islands are situated south of the Tropic of Cancer with abundant rainfall and small changes in sea temperatures.These favorable natural conditions have formed the unique environment of the islands. Sea turtles,the largest species in the sea are found in all tropical and subtropical zones.The biggest is the leatherback turtle.

Part 5: Military zones of Xisha

Zhong jian Island is located in the south of Xisha islands.In 1946,China government sent warship to Zhongjian,thusrenamed Zhongjian.Higher sand dikes surround there, the centra is valley and often effusion.The altitude is about 2 meters and the sand dikes are influenced by the northeast monsoon.

Part 6: Military women of Xisha

Thousands of miles of way on the Xisha islands in the south China sea is a class of female soliders.In the small islands they would be cut from the mainland without any local food suply and fresh water.They stay here for years but not to decide to leave.

Part 7: A fisherman´s life

Lao Deng is a familiar face.Some soilders on the Xisha Islands are depend on him for their livelihood and they think Lao Deng is very warm and good-hearted.

Part 8: White spirits of Dongdao Island

In China´s Xisha Islands,the easternmost island is the Dongdao island,it considered the most beautiful.But it also one the most difficult to reach.Dongdao is a small, vegetated and reef-fringed island.

Part 9: Discovering Xisha Islands

There are only three ways to access Xiasha.By neighbour ship, by Qiongsha 3, a depot ship charge by Hainan government and set out twice a month.The last is by military plane which usually takes off only for military missions.The best time to go to Xisha is during April to October.The sea just like a mirror.