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Qatar celebrates National Pavilion Day at Expo

October. 21, 2010
The Arab country of Qatar is located in the Middle East, occupying the Qatar Peninsula on the northeastern coast of the much larger Arabian Peninsula.

Hong Kong: The Infinite City

October. 20, 2010
This statement embodies Hong Kong SAR´s unique connectivity with the mainland and the world in terms of both hardware and software, as well as the Hong Kong´s links to nature, to the past and to the future.

Macao Pavilion inspired by jade rabbit

October. 15, 2010
At the World Expo, Macao Week was launched on Wednesday. The celebration puts Macao Pavilion in the spotlight as one of hottest sites to see.

Shanghai snacks expose local flavor

October. 14, 2010
When visitors come to the Shanghai Expo, they can try some traditional and local Shanghai snacks, an experience that will make them leave the Expo without any regrets.

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