Zhou Wenzhong, Former Ambassador to US

"Americans' perception toward China is very positive. They see China as a developing country which has grown quite fast."

Ren Xiaoping, Former Ambassador to Namibia, Barbuda

"China is a country pursuing the foreign policy of peace. We want to develop. But we want to develop together with the rest of the world. We want to develop in a peaceful way."

Imron Cotan, Indonesian Ambassador to China

"China’s culture, China’s habits are part of our tradition. Indonesia feels China not as a challenge, but as an opportunity."

Ma Zhengang, Former Ambassador to UK

"Diplomatic work fundamentally is the work with people. You must have better understanding of the people."

Carl Worker, New Zealand ambassador to China

"We enormously respect the way the Chinese top leadership is able to prioritize New Zealand and equally it’s been wonderful for me the way my leaders in New Zealand have put a top priority on China."

Michael Schaefer, German Ambassador to China

"China’s economy is going to undergo very significant structure changes from low-labor production to higher value chains, innovation."