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Nov. 15th: Chinese Communist Party elects new top leadership

【Anchor】 Tian Wei
>> Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn, Chairman of The Kuhn Foundation
>> Wu Jianmin, Former Ambassador to France

● Topic 1: From "Chinese dreams" to "Chinese contributions"
● Topic 2: China's political reform should fit reality
● Topic 3: China progresses in promoting well-being & democracy
● Topic 4: Progress in rule of law

Nov. 14th Transformation and sustainability of China

【Anchor】 Yang Rui
>> Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn, Chairman of The Kuhn Foundation
>> Prof. Tao Wenzhao, Senior research fellow INST. Of american studies, Cass

● Topic 1: Hu: China will not copy western system in political reform
● Topic 2: Changes in growth model a priority
● Topic 3: China will continue reform & opening up
● Topic 4: CPC to address concerns on rising inequality

Nov. 13th China´s economic outlook

【Anchor】 Yang Rui
>> Justin Yifu Lin, former chief economist & senior vice president of the World Bank

● Topic 1 China's economy is slowing down
● Topic 2 China is sliding into middle income trap?
● Topic 3 China's economy can grow at 8% for 20 more years
● Topic 4 China to announce another stimulus program?

Nov. 12nd: Inter-party diplomacy

【Anchor】 Yang Rui
>> Ai Ping, Vice Minister of Int'l Dept. of CPC Central Committee

● Topic 1 Party plays key role in diplomacy
● Topic 2 Inter-Party diplomacy helps in Asian negotiations
● Topic 3 CPC widens ties with foreign political parties
● Topic 4 Defining Chinese-style diplomacy

Nov. 11st: Hu: Party must fight corruption

【Anchor】 Yang Rui
>> Prof. He Jiahong, Criminal Law Research Center of Renmin Univ.
>> Li Hao, former party secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of CPC
>> Frazer Cameron, director of EU-Asia Center in Brussels

● Topic 1 CPC resolute in anti-corruption efforts
● Topic 2 660,000 corrupt officials punished since 2007
● Topic 3 Competitive elections needed

Nov. 10th: China´s political structural reform

【Anchor】 Tian Wei
>> Prof. Wang Hui, Tsinghua University
>> Prof. Cui Zhiyuan, Tsinghua University

● Topic 1 Congress delegates face several elections
● Topic 2 China’s vertical democracy another model of democracy
● Topic 3 Deliberative democracy system establishing in China
● Topic 4 Hu: China will not copy a western political system

Nov. 9th: Theoretical groundwork for CPC leadership

【Anchor】 Yang Rui
>> Wang Xuewen, Fmr Deputy Editor-in-Chief in Int'l Business Daily
>> Douglas Paal, Vice President for Studies in Carnegie Endowment For International Peace

● Topic 1 China firmly follows socialism with Chinese characteristics
● Topic 2 Scientific outlook on development to guide CPC
● Topic 3 CPC works to strengthen governance capability

Nov. 8th: New dynamics in CPC leadership

【Anchor】 Yang Rui
>> Victor Gao Zhikai, CCTV current affair commentator
>> John Naisbitt, author of China’s Megatrends
>> Doris Naisbitt via satellite, co-author of China’s Megatrends

● Topic 1 Grassroot party organization critical for Party
● Topic 2 Delegates from private sector doubled
● Topic 3 Migrant workers appear at Party Congress
● Topic 4 Scientific outlook on development guides policy